People share pics of hilarious 'unsuccessful' signs that confused them

People share pics of hilarious 'unsuccessful' signs that confused them


Choose your words wisely! Hilarious snaps capture signs that are bizarre, useless and downright wrong – including one telling walkers: ‘You are a dog leash’

  • Bored Panda picked the most useless, but hilarious, signs people have shared
  • Social media users were left confused, amused, and even insulted by signs
  • And a design flaw meant one official notice gave the public dangerous advice

From signs that give extremely bad advice to others that don’t quite communicate what the writer intended, it is easy for a meaning to be lost in translation.

Social media users from the UK and the US have shared photos of signs that range from the brilliantly useless to the downright bizarre, with the best examples collated by Bored Panda.

Among the line-up are the least inviting job listing you’ve ever seen, terrible wording, and the most pointless discount a shop has ever offered.

Another sign gives totally unusable instructions, while an epic design fail on an official board ends up giving the public downright dangerous advice.

Here FEMAIL rounds up some of the most useless and confusing signs you’ll see… 

The glorious Fur Elise – one of Ludwig van Beethoven’s most famous compositions – is popular with beginner musicians. This piano owner has obviously heard it enough already

This sign, spotted in the Canadian city of Toronto took insults to a strange new level. Of all the put-downs I’ve had hurled at me over the years, I must admit, this is the first time I’ve ever been called a ‘dog leash’

This design flaw means the sign is giving out some potentially very dangerous advice. Pleaase do not follow anyone home…

Find yourself in an emergency? Well this British payphone is going to be absolutely useless. Dialing 999 is pretty impossible when the only keys are 1,2, and 3

According to the person who took this photo, a shop employee saw them and said: ‘ah yes, another one of our many exciting deals’

Is it sarcasm? Or does this driver really rate 90s cult movie The Mummy? Either way, the photographer saw this sign and honked 

Erm…recruitment really must be an employer’s market if they can make requests like that – 20 years’ experience is a lot to cram into 18 years

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These helpful little signs are presumably aimed at those people who aren’t the best at using bathroom locks

This poster, left on the community noticeboard at the snapper’s local shops, may not have been very useful, but did provide value to horse fans

This sign, reportedly spotted at a Canadian convenience store chain, really didn’t sell the job very well to prospective employees

This church may want to hire a copywriter – this sign does not seem to quite express the caring message the writer wanted to portray

This sign was shared by someone who didn’t see a cat, but did spy a creature oddly reminiscent of a furry walrus…

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