People share cringe-worthy job listings spotted online

People share cringe-worthy job listings spotted online


Better off unemployed! Job-seekers shame VERY dodgy adverts – from boasting of minimum wage as a ‘benefit’ to not allowing staff time off for funerals

  • People from all over the world have shared terrible job listings spotted online 
  • One employers in Malaysia won’t allow employees to take time off for funerals 
  • Another said they were looking for ‘good looking’ employees as a requirement 

Looking for a new job is no picnic, but with listings like these, it’s no wonder why some people struggle with unemployment for so long. 

Job-seekers from all over the world have shamed listings shared by entitled employers they’ve spotted online on the trivia website 

One employer from Malaysia said they didn’t want to employ people who might request days off to attend their loved ones’ funeral or assist their sick relatives. 

Many companies were also seeking ‘entry-level’ employees while at the same time requiring three years experience or more, or paying them less than minimum wage for more than 40 hours of work per week. 

Another employer made the dubious decision of making ‘good looking’ a requirement for a job he was hiring for. 

People from all over the world have shamed job-listings from entitled employers they found online. One company listed paying ‘minimum wage’ as one of the benefits of working for them 

A bad omen? An employer looking for an executive personal assistant said they were looking for someone who didn’t take things personally

Write off! A US-based company offered $0.10 to $0.50 an hour for a writing job, requiring a minimum of three years experience in writing and four years experience in finance  

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Model employees! A company in the sales and consumer goods sector listed being ‘good-looking’ as one of the job requirements 

Good grief! An employer in Malaysia made clear they were looking for an employee who wouldn’t take time off to attend their loved ones’ funerals or help their family

Aiming high: A company said they were looking for an employee with six-years worth of combined experience for an  internship 

That’s rich! In Irvine, California, a brazen employer was looking to hire a full -time, unpaid financial advisor 

Make it make sense: A Twitter user pointed out that developer positions typically ask for seven years experience in a particular programme, that wasn’t even released seven years ago 

What a chancer: A company who were looking for full-time and part-time volunteers said they were not paid because they are ‘priceless’

This large engineering  firm wanted a decade of experience for an entry-level job, and is probably still looking for the ideal candidate 

Name drop: A job-seeker was baffled when a company said they wouldn’t be hiring him because of his first name, Jeffrey

A company’s recruiter admitted they would be hiring from countries were the average salary is less so that they can get away with lower wages 

Child’s play! A Texan family looking for a nanny put out several requirements, including’s having a college degree, before revealing their could only pay $80 a week

Bottom dollar: A company in Schaumburg, Illinois were offering $10 a hour for a job that required ten years experience 

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