People are only just realising Andrew Buchan once played Matt Hancock

People are only just realising Andrew Buchan once played Matt Hancock


When life imitates art! People are only just realising Andrew Buchan played Matt Hancock in This England as actor ‘leaves’ wife Amy Nuttall for his Better co-star Lelia Farzad

  • Twitter users said they ‘can’t see Andrew as anyone other than Matt now’ 
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Other than dominating the headlines this week, Twitter users are only just realising that Matt Hancock and Andrew Buchan have one key thing in common.

On Tuesday, it was reported that the former Broadchurch actor had ‘walked out’ on his Downton Abbey star wife and moved in with his Better co-star Lelia Farzad.

Meanwhile, the former Health secretary Matt Hancock – who resigned as Health Secretary after his own affair was made public – has threatened to take legal action against the ghost author of his Covid diaries after she leaked over 100,000 of his private WhatsApp messages.

In the wake of the two scandals, Twitter user Jonn Elledge was left horrified when he discovered that Andrew Buchan had been cast as Matt Hancock in Covid drama This England last year.

Drawing a comparison between the two high profile men, who are both 44, the New Statesman journalist joked: ‘Just realised with a kind of dull horror that, at some point, Andrew Buchan will star in a Matt Hancock biopic.

Andrew Buchan played Matt Hancock in the Covid drama This England which aired on Sky last year. The actor has been embroiled in a celebrity scandal this week after reportedly leaving his wife for his new co-star (left). Matt Hancock (pictured in June 2021) resigned as Health Secretary after his affair with Gina Coladangelo was made public 

Left: Matt Hancock and Gina Colangelo caught kissing on CCTV in June 2021. RIght: This England’s recreation of the infamous moment

‘And I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.’ 

‘He already did,’ one replied. ‘And he recreated THAT scene!’

Another added: ‘Didn’t you watch This England? I can’t see Andrew Buchan as anyone else now.’ 

During the series, Andrew even- which starred Kenneth Branagh as Boris Johnson – recreated the infamous moment Matt Hancock was caught on CCTV kissing his married lover Gina Colangelo. 

After a third shared a screenshot of the recreation, a fourth said: ‘There’s an image I now can’t shake off. So thanks.’ 

The six-part series also starred Ophelia Lovibond as Carrie Johnson and Simon Paisley Day as Dominic Cummings.

Following its release in September 2022, some critics hailed the series ‘sickeningly accurate’ while others slammed it as ‘boring’ and ‘a dud’. 

Earlier this week, it was reported Andrew’s partner Amy Nuttall reportedly became suspicious of her husband after seeing cosy social media snaps of him and co-star Leila Farzad. 

Andrew Buchan and Lelia Farzad pictured on their new BBC show Better. The pair are reported to now be living together

Twitter users were left stunned after discovering Andrew Buchan had played Matt Hancock in Covid drama This England

The Downton Abbey actress, 40, has been left heartbroken after Broadchurch star Buchan allegedly left her for Farzad, whom he met on the BBC series Better.

Sources now claim that Nuttall grew concerned Buchan was cheating after he and Farzad appeared a little too close for comfort in social media snaps.

The star then confirmed her fears when she discovered he had been staying in a hotel close to their home – while claiming to be away working on location – and he had purchased racy lingerie in a different size to hers.

A source told The Sun: ‘The penny started to drop over a period of time. He was away a lot, which wasn’t unusual because of the nature of his work, but at one point Amy realised he had been staying in hotels very near to home — and wondered why

‘As time moved on there were some tell-tale signs that he had become close to Leila — just something in his mannerisms and in their social media posts together.

‘But the final straw was the lingerie — that’s what clinched it. Amy just knew instinctively that it wasn’t meant for her.’

The Downton Abbey star has been left heartbroken after the Broadchurch actor allegedly left her for his co-star after they met on the BBC series Better

Matt Hancock and Gina Coladangelo pictured after the former Health Secretary left the I’m a Celebrity jungle last year

In his recent book, Matt opened up about the ‘terrible black dread’ he felt before confessing to his wife Martha Hoyer Millar about his affair.

The relationship with Ms Coladangelo, a friend of since their Oxford university days who worked with him in the Health Department, was exposed when The Sun obtained CCTV images of the couple embracing in his offices in breach of his own rules enforcing social distancing.

Mr Hancock writes: ‘Accompanying the joy of falling in love – if you are supposed to be happily married – is the turmoil. You know, with terrible black dread, that sooner or later the relationship must be revealed and everything will come crashing down’.

The Suffolk MP, who had the party whip suspended for signing up to the ITV show, says that the pair ‘knew the devastating implications of our feelings for each other [but] ‘were trying to work out the least painful way of being together’.

After the call from The Sun, Mr Hancock said he ‘knew immediately what I had to do. I needed to tell [my wife] Martha right away, because it needed to come from me and nobody else. I also knew I had to tell the children – it was going to be incredibly painful, but I couldn’t hide away from them for ever. 

‘They deserved to know, too. Having the Health Secretary for a husband or father during a global pandemic has been incredibly tough for the family, and I feel wretched.’

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