Patrick Mahomes Throwback Photos: From Little League to Falling for High School Sweetheart Brittany Matthews

Patrick Mahomes Throwback Photos: From Little League to Falling for High School Sweetheart Brittany Matthews


Bright-eyed Baby

Mahomes has always been ready for the spotlight, starting from when he was a teeny toddler.

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Mama’s Boy

Mom Randi Martin hugs her firstborn, who’s big brother to Jackson and Mia Mahomes.

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Sports Stud

Fiancée Brittany Matthews shared a side-by-side look at Mahomes during his younger years, posing in his basketball and baseball uniforms.

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Big Bro

The quarterback made a special shoutout to younger brother Jackson on his 18th birthday.

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Top of His Game

The NFL star was crushing it in high school, becoming American State Bank Player of the Year for two straight years.

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Field of Dreams

Mahomes was also a beast at baseball. He almost followed in his father’s footsteps (Pat Mahomes Sr. played for various MLB teams, including the Minnesota Twins, Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs, from 1992 to 2003) but decided to pursue football instead.

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Pinstripe Legend

Greatness recognize greatness! Legendary baseball star Derek Jeter gave a young Mahomes an encouraging pat (and even signed the cute shot).

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Family First

The loving son celebrated his mom on her birthday in 2016 with a collage of family photos.

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Like Father, Like Son

The athlete also shared a birthday post for his pops, who paved the way for his son to play professional sports.

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Bonfire Babies

Mathews, who’s been Mahomes’ girlfriend since 10th grade, has plenty of sweet throwbacks of the couple being young and in love.

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Summer Days

When football is life, you’re bound to have lots of shots from football camp.

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Hoop There It Is

Add “basketball star” to his long list of sports skills.

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No. 1 Dad

The Mahomes family are each other’s No. 1 fans.

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Pitcher Perfect

The young couple have been supporting each other for years, attending each other’s games and practices since high school.

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Class of 2014

It was all smiles on picture day for the high school senior.

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Meat Cute

In 2015, he shared this photo of himself and his love sharing a serious steak on date night.

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Prom Proposal

Mahomes chose a golf theme and a poster that reads, “Brittany will you drive me to prom,” to ask Mathews to the big dance.

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Perfect Match

The couple coordinated in black, white and red for prom.

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Baby Sis

Mahomes shared a silly photo of his #WCW, baby sister Mia.

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Memory Lane

The high school sweethearts are now soon-to-be parents to a baby girl.

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