North Carolina rejects polygamy-themed beer

North Carolina rejects polygamy-themed beer


Polygamy and beer reportedly don’t mix in North Carolina.

A polygamy-themed beer was rejected for sale in North Carolina because “polygamy is illegal.” The beer in question is already being sold in at least 20 other states, including Utah.

Utah based Wasatch Brewery recently filed a request to sell their Polygamy Porter in North Carolina, Fox 13 reports. While the brewery already sells a variety of beers in the state, it was determined that Polygamy Porter “represents something illegal.”

In a statement to Fox 13, the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission said, “The NC ABC always gives thoughtful consideration to each label and uses the criteria outlined in the statutes as the basis for every rejection or approval.” They also claim that according to their statutes, “representing something illegal is undignified and in bad taste.”

When the brewery received the rejection letter, they were shocked. “It caught us quite by surprise, we were not expecting it especially because we’ve been making this beer now for 18 years,” Wasatch Brewery Co-Chief Operating Officer and brewmaster Jon Lee told Fox 13. “Of any places that you’d think we’d have trouble with, it would be here in our home state, but no it just sails right on through.”

Wasatch has appealed the decision and will head to Raleigh on August 14 to argue their case. “We’ll do our best to make this available for those folks out in North Carolina and they’ll get to enjoy all of the fantastic Polygamy Porter that we’re making here in Utah,” Lee said.

The Wastach Brewery website describes Polygamy Porter as a “smooth, chocolatey, easy-drinkin’ brown porter that’s more than a little bit naughty.” Now all that’s left is to find out if it’s too “naughty” for North Carolina.

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