Nigella Lawson’s banana skin curry trolled as being ‘biggest WTF moment of 2020’

Nigella Lawson’s banana skin curry trolled as being ‘biggest WTF moment of 2020’


Nigella Lawson was back on our screens last night, but one particular curry recipe involving banana skins did not go down well with viewers.

Starring in her BBC Two show, Nigella's Cook, Eat, Repeat, the 60-year-old chef told viewers of the sheer joy she felt when finding out banana skins are edible.

In the episode, she shows the viewers the recipe to make a curry with banana skins and cauliflower.

"I admit, not totally visually appealing, but there's always something so gratifying about using up every last scrap," Nigella says.

"And all I do to get the banana skins ready for cooking is cover them in boiling water."

The self-taught food writer cuts the skins into small pieces and drops it into the boiling curry filled with the aroma of turmeric and cinnamon.

She adds: "And for those who feel hesitant about the idea, I assure you that you would never guess my banana skin curry had banana skins in it. You wouldn't even think bananas.

"I love that this is a dish made with something that would normally go in the bin, although that wouldn't be enough to justify its presence in the programme. It's there because it is just a glorious thing to eat."

She says she once served the dish to her guests who thought it was aubergine, rather than banana skins.

But viewers were not wholly convinced of the vegetarian curry after watching the show on Monday.

One wrote: "A lot of things have made me go WTF in 2020 but nothing’s come close to Nigella pouring kettle water over two brown banana skins."

"I am not up for the banana skins," a second commented. "I’m sorry, I just can’t."

A third said: "I feel like Nigella Lawson making something delicious out of old banana skins is the perfect metaphor for good things emerging in the final weeks of one totally awful 2020."

But Nigella reassured her fans that the recipe makes a "divine curry".

She wrote on Twitter: ""I hope I didn’t traumatise you too much with the banana skins (I promise you the curry is divine)."

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