Neighbours star reveals dramatic Pierce, Chloe and Elly future

Neighbours star reveals dramatic Pierce, Chloe and Elly future


Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) is at somewhat of a crossroads when it comes to her love life in Neighbours. As she once again grows close to her ex Pierce Greyson (Tim Robards), a surprising turn of events will see her feelings for her friend Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) resurge, leaving her at a loss over what she wants.

While a major fanbase of Neighbours are totally shopping #Chelly and have been waiting patiently for those dormant feelings to be triggered, Pierce is set to be left in the middle as he doesn’t know whether he can place his trust in Chloe after last time. But as he lets his guard down while Chloe is simultaneously toying with how she feels about Elly (who, by the way, is casually having saucy sex dreams about her), things are about to get messy!

We caught up with Tim, who plays Pierce, to discover what comes next in what could be the love triangle of the summer.

He teased: ‘Chloe is so up and down and has her own issues with the Huntingtons. Seeing her start to connect with Elly again makes him wonder if he can trust her, even though she is saying she wants to be with him. She starts really hanging out with Elly again so Pierce is struggling to trust her feelings. He has some real hesitations as he thinks she might just dump him and leave him heartbroken for Elly again. He’s almost grateful to be turned down early as it saves him heartbreak – from then he decides to work on a friendship with Chloe and not pursue something romantic.

‘Pierce sees that with Chloe having Huntingtons and her life may be potentially on a ticking clock, she is almost in a way to protect herself and others, she goes for people who are obtainable for a longer term relationship. If you look at Elly, with having a baby and that kind of thing, it’s not really as likely to end up in a long term thing – and she is attracted to that because of that. Pierce can see that – he’s starts backing off. If it happens, it’ll happen. He holds back for a moment, playing the long game. Usually there’s no sense in soap but that could be a sensible move for him.’

However, this is soap so things won’t stay that simple for long as the storyline ticks over the summer months. And as things get more complicated, Tim is keeping an eye on fan reactions, very much aware that many #Chelly fans might see his character as a blocking force between the relationship they want to see play out.

He mused: ‘I think we’re already reading that. There’s loads of people who want to see the Chloe and Elly relationship happen and also people who like Chloe with Pierce – that’s the great thing about this, if it was really simple, it’d be too easy! You can never please 100% of the audience. Whenever anything goes right in Neighbours, it doesn’t go right for very long – if things can go right for a month, then you’re doing pretty well! If anyone gets happily ever after, they just become boring – no-one wants to watch a perfect couple with no issues.

”There’s some good stuff ahead- from other people to play off who become close to Pierce. I’m loving where it’s going.’

Tim was remaining tight lipped over how close Chloe and Elly get and what the impact of this might be on Pierce, but he alluded to the fact that his alter ego will start to integrate with other Erinsborough residents more, which will allow his character to develop beyond ‘Mr Money Man’ as he develops connections and exposes his own flaws.

And he also wondered whether Pierce might be tiring of his own wealth as it is standing in the way of his happiness.

He sighed: ‘Pierce had been denying his feelings for Chloe while he was with Ebony – they start coming up again but he’s finding it really hard to trust right now. Both women he has been serious recently have kind of gone after him for his money. Even though there was some love with Ebony, she still wanted money from him. And even Chloe,towards the end, just wanted him to sign the documents to come on board with Lassiters. He’s kind of starting to despise his money as it’s getting in the way of him having a real relationship. In the past it’s been his power but now it’s affecting what he really wants – which is having a real connection.’

As he said, there is no such thing as a happy ending in Neighbours, but there is plenty more action to come for these characters.

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