Naomi Campbell Has Glowing Compliments About Princess Diana for This Reason

Naomi Campbell Has Glowing Compliments About Princess Diana for This Reason


The entire world fell in love with Princess Diana back in 1981 when she married Prince Charles. From the very beginning, everyone could see that she was not your average royal. She seemed to show more sincerity when she talked with the public. She also worked hard to make great strides in breaking negative stigmas that were attached to certain illnesses like HIV, AIDS, and leprosy.

She wasn’t just loved by the public, she also had great relationships with other celebrities a well: A-list celebrities like Elton John, Michael Jackson, and John Travolta idolized the young princess just as much as we did. Another celebrity that had a good relationship with Princess Diana was supermodel Naomi Campbell. The world-famous model has always been vocal about how much she liked the late Princess of Wales.

So, what was it about Princess Diana that Campbell liked so much? Keep reading to find out.

Princess Diana was known to be a fun mom

One of the things that people loved about Princess Diana was how good she was with her children. Instead of sending them off to boarding school and raising her sons in the “traditional royal way,” Princess Diana made sure that her sons had as normal a life as possible. And just like any mother, she also wanted to give her sons everything that they could ever possibly need or want. 

That is why when Princess Diana spotted posters of Campbell, Cindy Crawford, and Christy Turlington on a 12-year-old Prince William’s wall, she decided to invite the supermodels over to meet the young prince for his 13th birthday.

In an interview that Prince William gave about his mother, he recalled being very embarrassed by the fact that three supermodels were waiting for him when he returned home from school. But he said that that was just what kind of person his mother was, she was “sort of a joker.”

When Naomi Campbell met Princess Diana for the first time

While Princess Diana’s antics may have embarrassed her sons from time to time, Campbell recalls meeting Princess Diana before Prince William came to the house that day. She said that Princess Diana was very welcoming to her and her supermodel friends.

“Princess Diana was so gracious,” Campbell recalled in an interview on the British network ITV. “I remember she opened the front door. All of our drivers thought that they were going to collapse. So hands on.”

The models stayed for a little while after Prince William came home so that they could have afternoon tea with him. Even though Prince William was shy and probably completely mortified that his mother would tell a bunch of supermodels that he had their posters on his wall, Campbell said that he was very sweet.

How does Naomi Campbell feel about the royal family today?

Campbell is still a big fan of every member of the royal family. She has said that both she and Nelson Mandela, who she considers to be like a grandfather to her, loved everything about Princess Diana and everything that she stood for.

She also said that she is proud of the way that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are carrying on with the work that Princess Diana had started in Africa. In regards to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming trip to Africa they plan on taking later this year, Campbell said: “They have no idea what they are going to do for the African continent. They are going to love it there, little Archi’s going to love it.”

Even though Princess Diana has been gone for over two decades, she still has the ability to touch people’s lives. And thanks to her sons and their wives, her legacy will continue to live on for many more years to come.

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