My lover and I were planning to leave our spouses but his son played up – The Sun

My lover and I were planning to leave our spouses but his son played up – The Sun


DEAR DEIDRE: WHEN I got to know my lover I thought I had met the man of my dreams.

We were swept away by passion and he offered me everything.

We were both married but he asked me to live with him. He is 45 and I am 36. We both have teenage sons. I have two and he has one.

I dreaded telling my boys but I knew my heart belonged to my lover.

He moved out of his home but it all went wrong. His son refused to speak to him and he told me to stay put until he was ready.

I was still planning to leave but my lover went back to his wife.

I am stuck with a husband I used to love but now hate. He is 42 and makes me cringe at bedtime. He demands kisses every night and tries to touch me but I refuse anything further so he sulks.

My lover and I still see one another when we can and I love him so much.

He says I should live an ordinary life at home, he even gave me “permission” to give my husband sex, but how can I when he promised me the world and then backed down?

DEIDRE SAYS: The longer you hang on and wait for this man to have another change of heart, the more unhappy you will be. The truth is he’s very unlikely ever to leave his family now.

Don’t look to him to be your saviour. Resolve to turn your own life around.

Is your husband a bad man or just one you’ve fallen out of love with?

Best stop seeing your lover and start working on your marriage, either to rediscover what used to be good between you or call it a day. My e-leaflet Your Relationship MOT can help.

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