My first name consists of just one letter – and it causes so many problems

My first name consists of just one letter – and it causes so many problems


A man said with a very unique first name says it gets into a lot of "problems" because it's so simple.

The TikToker explained the story and rapped it out in a song, starting: "One thing about me is my first name is a letter – it's just a letter D.

"Not D with double E, just D, which means I have to go through this Sisyphean nightmare."

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He said every time he tries to buy something online, he can not proceed without entering a "valid first name with at least two letters".

"So I have to go through all the paper work or forms to add a 'period' after D to make it two letters but then everyone thinks that the D stands for something," he continued.

The TikToker even searched for his birth certificate to confirm that his name is "D" but to his surprise, he found something else.

He said: "It said my name was D Period, as in 'D.' My parents did the same thing because the computer system in 1997 couldn't handle a one-letter first name so they put the period sign.

"So legally I have this period in my name. It looks like it stands for something but it doesn't and it's really confusing and makes my life weird, so I just go by my middle name, which is Henry. Yeah!"

D., or Henry, answered people's questions about the special name choice which he believes was down to his parents wanting to "honour" the tradition of D names in the family.

"Both of my parents' first names started with D, three of my four grandparents' names started with D," he explained and suggested that there might not have been a lot resources online in the 90s, so they just picked a letter D instead.

"I love my name, I'm not gonna change it, I think it's fun. It just causes a lot fo problems sometimes!"


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