My big boobs stopped me wearing pretty tops – Im so happy I got a reduction

My big boobs stopped me wearing pretty tops – Im so happy I got a reduction


A woman admitted she got a breast reduction so she could wear 'pretty' tops 'made' for those with smaller boobs.

Plus size model CiCi Dawn is no stranger to flaunting her curves.

However, there was one part of her body that left her restricted.

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The brunette beauty explained she could not wear certain clothing due to her busty chest.

CiCi bought a number of tops – but they did not see the light of day as the garments did not support her bosoms.

Fed up of not being able to rock clothing that other women do, the model decided to go under the knife to decrease the size of her breasts.

In a TikTok clip that's racked up more than 100,000 views, CiCi rocked a black halter neck top secured by a thin gold chain.

Despite looking gorgeous in the glam number, it was obvious by the model's facial expressions that she did not feel the same.

She shook her head and shared: "People ask me why I'm getting a breast reduction and here is why.

"I just want to wear all the pretty tops other girls get to wear."

The curvaceous model then donned a cream strapless corset which appeared to not support her boobs. CiCi yanked the garment upwards before it automatically fell down again.

"My surgery is in four days but I feel like I've been waiting my whole life."

The model also tried on a baby pink lace corset, which showed the outline of the cups that highlighted how much her boobs over spilled.

In a separate clip, CiCi revealed what she looked like two days post-operation.

The procedure transformed not only her chest but the rest of her body.

"I have a torso and waist", she declared.

"I’m so happy!"

Many people fled to the comments to praise CiCi for making the decision.

One person commented: "People obviously don’t understand the back pain you must deal with. I’ve known a few women who’ve done and were so much happier after."

Another user added: "You're going to feel so much better after the surgery!!!"

While a third voiced: "The tops will fit soo cute."

Someone else related: "You won’t regret it best decision I ever made!"

However, not everyone is so keen on breast reductions.

Recently, a woman with a larger chest slammed that women are 'praised' for getting their boob size decreased.

She felt like that her boobs are made to be seen as a 'burden' because of this.


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