‘My 32HHH boobs weigh 18lbs and hurt my back – but I’ll never go smaller’

‘My 32HHH boobs weigh 18lbs and hurt my back – but I’ll never go smaller’


A model who has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on boob jobs has complained that her 18lbs breasts cause extreme back pain.

Stephanie Palomares, who lives in Las Vegas, often feels aches across her back and shoulders due to the weight of her 32HHH boobs.

But, she claims the unpleasantness caused by her breasts – which weight 9lb each – is worth it because she loves being curvy.

The 27-year-old explained: “I’ve had three different breast augmentations to make my breasts the size they are.

“My breasts currently weigh 18lbs total.

“Sometimes my back hurts from them being so heavy but my fans love them and so do I."

She continued: “It’s worth the discomfort for them to look so good and make me happy.

"I'll never make them smaller.”

The model’s curves weigh almost as much as a one-year-old child, eight bags of sugar or two average-sized cats.


Stephanie has been having plastic surgery since she was just 18-years-old and has splashed out $200,000 (£142,360) on various procedures.

This includes four Brazilian Butt Lifts, three breast augmentations, two nose jobs and a chin implant.

But, despite the pain her boobs cause her, Stephanie claims it hasn’t put her off getting further surgery in the future.

She said: “I love my body and it’s worth a bit of pain to look as good as this. I haven’t ruled out getting bigger boobs, I’ll see how I feel when I’m a bit older.

“The best place to relax is in the bath as the water supports them and takes all the weight off."

Stephanie added: "I can really get comfy then.

“Finding bras to fit can be a bit of a nightmare but luckily I don’t wear them that often.”

And, the model’s sizeable assets also earn her a fortune every month.

Stephanie recently revealed to her 1.9m Instagram followers, @stephaniepalomares_, that she has raked in enough money from modelling to buy two properties.

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And she has already made a $75,000 (£53,100) profit on one of the houses.

“All I’ve done is work hard and pray for all my blessings," she said on Instagram.

“Bought a five bedroom house by the strip in Vegas.

“Now got a tenant paying triple my mortgage."

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