Mum who feared daughter would die after ceiling collapse is called ‘drama queen’

Mum who feared daughter would die after ceiling collapse is called ‘drama queen’


A mum says she feared for her baby's life when the ceiling collapsed on them as she dried her daughter after a bath.

Kirstyn Wellman, 25, from‎ Wallasey, Merseyside, said she and one-year-old daughter Skyler Mae were left covered in cuts.

But when she reported it to her letting agency, she claims, she was told to "stop being a drama queen".

Student Kirstyn went into a panic as chunks of plaster fell on them.

And the mess in their three-bedroom house, which she rents via Sequence Ltd, is yet to be cleared up, despite the incident happening on July 26.

The mum, whose £475pm rent is paid for by Universal Credit , said: "I’d just got the baby out the bath and I was drying her when it happened – the towel is still on the floor under the plaster.

"The ceiling just completely came down. It cut both of us, her head and her back was cut – luckily I shielded most of it from her, as I was standing over her.

"At the time I panicked as I thought the entire ceiling was going to come down. I grabbed her and threw her into the next room on to my bed because I didn’t know what was happening. I feared for her life."

Kirstyn shared photos on Facebook showing the devastation – with chunks of plaster strewn all over the room, including on her little girl’s books and toys.

The mother-of-one booked for her and Skyler Mae to stay at a B&B that night as she was convinced it was dangerous to stay in the house.

She said that two days after the initial incident, more of the ceiling collapsed, but luckily the pair were out at the time.

Kirstyn wrote on Facebook: "The ceiling plaster came down on me and the baby while I was drying her off after her bath leaving her with cuts and scratches.

"Lucky I was standing over her could have been worse and on Sunday loads more came down and the landlord’s not even sent someone to fix it or take the remaining plaster down the contractor came took pictures and went.

"The woman on the phone said to me 'stop being a drama queen, it's only paint flakes'."

Kirstyn, who studies two days a week at college, said: "I just want it to be resolved and tidied up. I’ve been to environmental health, I’ve been to the letting agency, but they’ve said nothing.

"When I phoned, I told them we were staying in a B&B, as we had gone for the night as I thought the whole ceiling was going to come down. She said I was being dramatic, and told me it’s only paint flakes.

"She said I could have stayed in another room. But I didn’t know if it was going to happen in another room – plus, I pay for a three-bedroom house.

"They haven’t apologised. They haven’t sent anyone to clear it up. A contractor came round a couple of days ago, took some pictures and went. Nothing else.

"Skyler Mae looks at the room and she gets quite upset as she can remember what happened."

Kirstyn said she’s had ‘nothing but problems’ with the property since moving in two years ago.

She also claims she was left without a boiler for a week during the winter when Skyler Mae was only just a year old, was told not to let her daughter touch a glass interior door after the tot broke a panel and cut her hand, needing to go to hospital.

She also alleges the letting agency failed to repair a hole in her bathroom ceiling that started out as damp.

Kirstyn added: "There’s a patch in the corner on the bathroom ceiling that started out as damp.

"I told them I thought there was a hole on the outside of the ceiling. Someone came out and fixed it. I asked whether they needed to go into the attic, but they said it was fine.

"Then it got worse and worse. Every time it rained, it grew bigger, and upstairs would flood."

A spokesperson for Jones & Chapman said: "This issue was first reported to our Lettings Support Centre on July 26.

"The landlord arranged for a contractor to visit the property on Monday 5th August, which the tenant agreed to.

"A contractor visited the property on the fifth to find that some plaster skim had come loose and fallen from the ceiling in one of the bedrooms.

"We always take matters like this extremely seriously and work with our landlords to rectify them as soon as possible."

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