Mum slams Tesco shoppers giving her death stares for inappropriate dress

Mum slams Tesco shoppers giving her death stares for inappropriate dress


A mum has claimed she got "dress-coded" by Tesco shoppers because of her outfit.

Single parent Raekay Bennett, who gave birth to her son Luca, said people were stereotyping how a mum should dress by giving her "death stares". But she declared "I won't change my style".

In her TikTok video, she showed off the "inappropriate" outfit – a black figure-hugging dress with cut-outs around the chest area.

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She explained to her viewers: "Me walking around Tesco on my weekly shop, dressed like this, pushing my baby, getting death stares of 'can I speak to the manager' hair cut women."

She was quickly praised by other mums for giving an honest opinion for her struggles.

One parent shared: "I wore a dress the other day and got out of my car to put the pram up and you'd swear people have never seen a woman with a baby wear a dress."

"People expect you to stop being you once you have a baby…keep doing you! Stunning," a second showed her support.

A third added: "Why can't we normalise looking hot in shops in pretty dresses?"

Raekay agreed with them and said: "I totally agree! Suddenly you must dress like 'a mum'.

"It's like they want to see you in denim overalls crying instead."

The mum previously revealed she had gained three stone when she was pregnant and she started thinking about weight loss three months after giving birth to Luca.

She shared three top tips to help other mums to get rid of their C-section pouch.

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She said: "My number one tip is to stay busy – go to your member groups, go for walks with your friends, get out of the house because when you're in the house you're more prone to like 'oh I'm bored'.

"Number two is at-home workouts , three times a week with weights. All I've done is 20 minutes each time.

"Lastly, very important, is I follow intuitive eating – I don't count calories, I eat when I'm hungry and I stop when I'm full. If I want a snack, I'll get a snack but I won't go overboard."


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