Mum shows how to make five meals from £25 weekly Aldi shop – great way to save!

Mum shows how to make five meals from £25 weekly Aldi shop – great way to save!


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Families across Britain are struggling in the face of rising food prices amid the cost-of-living crisis. Some Britons have taken to social media to offer tips to others on how to cut costs and shop smarter. One such Briton is Ashleigh from Cardiff, who goes by the name @cardiff.mum on Instagram.

Ashleigh often shares her top shopping tips with her fans, revealing what she usually buys and cooks for herself and her daughter Adaline.

In a recent post, Ashleigh demonstrated how she manages to do her weekly shop at Aldi for just £25.

This includes five healthy family meals.

The post garnered thousands of likes and was inundated with comments from other mothers thanking Ashleigh for her insight.

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A post shared by Ashleigh ♡ (@cardiff.mum)

The meals in question were: Indian Traybake with Garlic Naans, Parmesan Crusted Pesto Chicken Bagel Burgers, Mexican Halloumi Taco Bowls, Creamy Cajun Ricotta Pasta with Crispy Chorizo, and Lemon and Garlic Chicken Kebab Wraps with a Feta and Mint Dip.

Ashleigh described each dish and filmed the ingredients before and after she used them.

The end results looked absolutely delicious.

Describing the Indian Traybake, Ashleigh said: “Tikka thighs, fragrant chickpeas and garlicky roasted vegetables served with homemade mint yoghurt dip and garlic naans.”

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A post shared by Ashleigh ♡ (@cardiff.mum)

The second dish was “Pesto-coated chicken breast burgers fried in a parmesan crust with fresh rocket, crunchy red onion and garlic pesto yoghurt dressing”.

As for the third, Ashleigh wrote that it was made with “smokey halloumi slices layered over cajun roasted peppers, mexican rice and your favourite taco fillings topped with spicy chickpeas and crunchy red onion, all in a bowl made out of a tortillas”.

The fourth meal comprised of “a smokey, creamy, cheesy pasta topped with crispy chorizo pieces, fresh garlic and rocket”.

Finally, the fifth dish was “chicken breast strips cooked in garlic and fresh lemon layered in a toasted wrap with feta, mint, rocket and fresh tomato”.

In her post, Ashleigh added: “Any questions, feel free to drop me a DM [direct message] and any suggestions for next month’s meals, write them below! Enjoy.”

The video the mum-of-one shared was of her leaving an Aldi store with a bag full of products.

The caption read: “Watch how I make five meals for £25 from Aldi.”

Then Ashleigh proceeded to show her audience the ingredients, and later, the finished meal.

Ashleigh added that each meal caters to four people – demonstrating how far £25 can go at Aldi.

The Cardiffian’s fans praised her cooking in the comments. Instagram user @itsterrihere said: “Great way to save.”

User @clairecos26 wrote: “These all look delicious.”

Lorna Marie added: “These all look delicious.”

User @inked_hayleigh wrote: “All of these look magic.”

Georgie agreed. She said: “All looks incredible.”

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