Mum shares heartbreaking photo of her little boy as a stark message to all parents | The Sun

Mum shares heartbreaking photo of her little boy as a stark message to all parents | The Sun


A MUM has shared a heartbreaking photo of her little boy in a bid to raise awareness and remind parents that bike helmets save lives.

Little Jack Conway was cycling with his mum when he was hit by a car.

"His head was in front of the wheel and his body behind it – I couldn't get him out," his mum explained, in a post shared on Tiny Heart's Instagram page.

The driver proceeded to drive forward and ran straight over Jack's head, the post read.

"I heard the loudest crack as his helmet caved under the car, and at that exact moment, I thought my boy was going to die," the mum said.

"I've never been so scared in my life," she added.

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Once at the hospital, doctor's gave little Jack the all clear after scans revealed there were no signs of injury to his brain.

"Jack wearing a helmet, literally saved his life," she said.

The doctor even thanked Jack's mum for making sure he was riding with a helmet on.

"I am begging you, never let your child ride anything without a helmet," the mum said.

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Mum shares heartbreaking photos of little boy to help other parents avoid agony

"I hope no parent will ever experience this but if you do, I hope that your little one is as fortunate as Jack. Wear a helmet," she added.

Parents in the UK are not legally obliged to make sure their children wear helmets while riding bikes- but it is strongly advised.

Helmets can reduce the risk of traumatic brain injury by half, one US study suggests.

The report, in the American Journal of Surgery, also found that riders with helmets were 44 per cent less likely to die from their injury, and 31 per cent less likely to break facial bones.

To make sure your child's helmet meets british safety standards look for the “Kitemark” symbol inside the helmet and/or on the packaging.

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