Mrs Hinch horrifies fans with spaghetti hoops pie that ‘looks like slop’

Mrs Hinch horrifies fans with spaghetti hoops pie that ‘looks like slop’


Mrs Hinch fans were left stunned when they watched the cleaning guru making a special pie, with one even saying it looked like "slop"

Influencer Sophie Hinchliffe, or widely known as Mrs Hinch, claimed to have made her "quickest pie ever" as she showed fans a step-to-step guide on Instagram.

In the clip, she fills a baking dish with canned spaghetti hoops and covers it with grated cheese and spinach before coating a layer of buttery mash on top.

To top it off, she sprinkles a bit more cheese with two sunny-side-up eggs.

Mrs Hinch showcases her finished product with the egg yolk oozing out on top of the green vegetables.

But the meal didn't quite go down as well as expected with some viewers.

One shared the clip on Twitter, where it racked up racking up more than 200,000 views.

The uploader wrote: "It’s been over 24 hours and yet my mind is still consumed by the chaotic slop Mrs Hinch had for her lunch yesterday.

"Nobody of any age needs to consume this bowl of nonsense."

Another commented: "A decorative layer of … spinach? A national disgrace."

"Only way to eat the hoops is on toast," a third said.

A fourth added: "The overcooked egg is the worst. She should've just cracked the raw egg on top of the dish and put it in the oven."

But the Essex-based social media star previously came up with other delicious recipes including lentil curry and sweet potato mash, cauliflower and meatballs in a fruity sauce and sweetcorn fritters.

She said the family meals were inspirations from Ella’s Kitchen recipes.

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