Monopoly rules almost no one knows about – and how to win every time

Monopoly rules almost no one knows about – and how to win every time


When it comes to entertainment over the Christmas period, Monopoly would definitely make an appearance.

It might cause a lot of disagreements with the family, maybe even a few tears too.

But if you simply can't handle losing to your uncle, there is a way you can win every single time you start the game.

First thing you need to do to guarantee victory is make sure you buy a property at every turn.

Remember you can auction every property any player lands on and the Banker can sell it to the highest bidder if it's not wanted.

So any property that a player lands on has a chance to be yours right away, no matter where you are on the board.

Now when it comes to "free parking", according to the rules the player doesn't receive any money or reward for it.

It's just a "free" resting place, Hasbro gets hundreds of calls about it despite the rules being in the game box.

Obviously some players choose to make their own rules, but this isn't official.

And when you're in jail, make sure you collect rent on your properties because this is allowed.

The rules state: "Even though you are in jail, you may buy and sell property, buy and sell houses and hotels and collect rents."

In the game the only real penalty of being in jail is not being able to move for three turns.

And later on in the family session, jail can be a great place to land especially if you're trying to swerve everyone's properties.

So let's get into the juicy bit, how can you ensure victory every time you play?

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Well you can buy or trade properties to stop others completing a Monopoly.

Railroads are where the money is because owning all stations pay more than any other properties on the map.

When you're in jail, it's crucial to get out as soon as possible but later on in the game wait it out.

Being behind bars means you don't visit any properties, saving you a lot of money.

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Also start auctioning when other players don't have money.

This means you might get them at a lower price or hike them as much as possible.

And finally, be strategic when it comes to building.

It's best to invest in houses and hotels slowly, so hold off until later.

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