Modsy’s Disney Princess Zoom Backgrounds Put You In The Homes Of Your Fave Characters

Modsy’s Disney Princess Zoom Backgrounds Put You In The Homes Of Your Fave Characters


For virtual meetings and happy hours, Zoom is the place to be. In between playing online games with friends and virtually touring museums with your roomie, you may have noticed that Zoom allows you to have virtual backgrounds. For anyone who wants to spice things up, Modsy’s Disney princess Zoom backgrounds can transport you to the homes of some of your favorite characters.

You may know Modsy as the place where you can virtually interior design rooms in your home with furniture from stores you love. It’s also a great source for putting together example rooms designed after some of your favorite movies, and their Disney princess homes are absolutely perfect for Disney fans. Now, you can use any of their six Disney princess designs as your Zoom virtual background.

All you need to do is pick your fave princess. Then, go to your video settings on Zoom and upload your new background under the "Virtual Background" section. After selecting your new image, you should be good to go and start to see the home of your chosen princess behind you. So, there’s no need to wish upon a star, because your virtual dream home is ready for you right now.

1. Snow White

Snow White’s room gives off that cozy cottage in the woods vibe, from the earth tones in the decor, to the canopy bed that looks like a tree. This definitely looks like the kind of space you’d want to dance around in while singing, "Someday My Prince Will Come."

2. Mulan

Mulan’s room is stunning and sleep, embracing both her beauty and fierce warrior sides. It has a red carpet to match her signature color, and a few potted plants throughout. It may be the vibe you want to give off during your Zoom meeting when you want to get down to business with your coworkers.

3. Moana

If you’re dreaming of beach days and tropical getaways, you might want to have Moana’s room as your virtual background. It has palms and ferns all around, and blue walls to match the ocean she loves.

4. Elsa

It may not be an ice castle, but this bedroom inspired by Elsa from Frozen gives off the vibe that "the cold never bothered [you] anyway." With icy blue and white as the two main colors, it’s definitely a room you’d want to chill out in. There’s even a "Let It Go" pillow to pay homage to Elsa’s iconic song.

5. Cinderella

Don’t spend your day cleaning up your apartment when you could just use this Cinderella-inspired background instead. The blue in the room perfectly matches her iconic dress, and of course, there are shoes left out, because Cinderella is always losing her shoes.

6. Belle

Pour yourself a cup of tea while you pretend to be living in Beauty and the Beast with this room as your background. All of Belle’s colors are represented with a yellow couch to match her ballgown, and elegant blue curtains to match her village look. There are also red roses throughout to pay homage to the Beast’s enchanted rose. Now, if only the furniture could talk, this room would be even more perfect.

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