Model exposes slimming trick used by influencers by altering body in seconds

Model exposes slimming trick used by influencers by altering body in seconds


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A former fashion model has revealed the secrets behind taking Insta-perfect snaps to promote everyone loving their body "just the way they are".

Ryley Gordon, 26, spent four years working in Los Angeles as a model and started to see women presenting themselves in one type of body and hiding their natural beauty behind camera filters.

She eventually quit her job and started working as a content creator to promote self-love in hopes to encourage younger viewers to "be real and authentic".

"Every girl faces some sort of insecurities and it's important we remind ourselves that we are human and our bodies are beautiful just the way they are," she told Daily Star.

Ryley uses TikTok as a platform to promote body positivity and in one viral video, she shows the "slimming effect" of posing in certain angles to achieve a desirable look.

She turns away from the camera and arches her waist, flaunting an hourglass silhouette. And a second later, she relaxes her muscles and reveals her tummy.

"Bodies look like this can also look like this," she commented while showing the before-and-after difference.

Influencers sometimes use camera angles to make themselves look "thinner", with Ryley also exposing how placing a camera above can distort reality.

"It is normal, safe, and preferable that your body makes bulges and rolls as it moves around so that your body can have the best range of motion. Please be kind to yourself," she added.

The social media marketer, who now lives in southern California, told this site how she came to the decision to stop focusing on looks.

She said: "When you strive to be 'skinny' or look a certain way, you are going to exhaust yourself.

"A lot of the 'fitness influencers' and 'models' you see online have that body shape due to genetics or certain photo manipulation, so it's important not to compare yourself.

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"As I get older I have learned to be much more gentle to myself.

"I look at myself in a totally different way than I did when I was younger."

Ryley also suggested people "practise gratitude" – to remind one's self that it's okay to feel down

"It has really allowed myself to keep my spirits high and show more love not only to myself but others around me as well," she added.

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