Meet people who risked it all to get eyeballs inked – like mum whos going blind

Meet people who risked it all to get eyeballs inked – like mum whos going blind

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    Risking your sight for the sake of a tattoo is not a gamble most people would take.

    But there are some ink gurus who have dyed their eyeballs, despite the possibility of terrifying consequences.

    Recently a Britney Spears super fan – who has spent more than £100,000 on plastic surgery to look like the pop star – even spoke of his desire to join the unique club.

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    He said: “I’ve been interested in changing my eye colour permanently and there is a laser beam surgery that’s not here in America and you could end up blind and lose your eyesight forever. I will have to go overseas for it.”

    While Bryan Ray wants surgery to achieve his goal, here we take a look at tattoo fans who had ink injected straight into their eyeballs… ouch!

    Anaya Peterson

    Law student Anaya Peterson decided to go for it after being inspired by body modification enthusiast Amber Luke.

    This is despite her worried daughter pleading for her not to in case she lost her sight.

    Anaya, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, got both eyes done on different dates but after the second sitting she "looked like she’d had five rounds with Mike Tyson" because of nasty face swelling.

    She now regrets it, saying: “I don’t have 20/20 vision anymore. From a distance, I can’t see features on faces.

    “If I didn’t have my eyeballs tattooed, I wouldn’t be having this problem. Even today I woke up with more floaters in my eyes. And that is dangerous. I’m kind of recovered — on the outside, it’s recovered. It’s just inside. I’m basically on the verge of going blind.”

    The 32-year-old added: “If I could go back in time, I would have done one black [eye tattoo] and left it. I would have done one black. Absolutely.”

    Amber Luke

    As mentioned above, Anaya took inspiration from alternative model Amber Luke, who has 98% of her body inked.

    But her wildest session was in 2019 when she underwent an agonising 40 minute procedure to dye her eyeballs blue.

    The Aussie babe, who calls herself the Blue Eyed White Dragon, went blind for three weeks afterwards.

    She told Barcroft TV: “I can't even begin to describe to you what the feeling was like, the best thing I can give you is once the eyeball was penetrated with the ink, it felt like [the tattoo artist] grabbed 10 shards of glass and rubbed it in my eye.

    “That happened four times per eye, that was pretty brutal. Unfortunately, my artist went too deep into my eyeball. If your eyeball procedure is done correctly, you're not supposed to go blind at all. I was blind for three weeks. That was pretty brutal.”

    Amber, 27, radically altered her appearance, which has included surgeries, because she “hated” how she looked growing up.

    And she is not ruling out inking her eyes again, saying: “It's about inspiring so many out there to let them know that different is beautiful and it is more than okay to be your true self, however, or whatever that may look like or be.”

    Tobias Müller

    Zookeeper Tobias Müller thought he looked “normal and boring” before a jaw-dropping makeover.

    The German, 33, now has a split tongue and stretched earlobes and he is hoping to have a second eyeball tattooed in the future.

    He told us: “My family thinks that I have too much now and that I took too many risks with some things.

    “The eyeball tattoo wasn’t painful for me but the risk is very high. If something went wrong you could lose your eyesight.

    “But there are many more plans I have for the future. I want to fill the gaps on my body with tattoos and I want some more piercings, more subdermal implants and I want to get my second eyeball tattooed and so on.”

    Tobias added: “I’m really happy with my actual look even though some people don’t like or understand it.”

    Aleksandra Sadowska

    Aleksandra Sadowska, 25, will always regret getting the whites of her eyeballs inked black.

    That’s because she is now blind in one eye and has lost the other.

    She has since sued a studio in Warsaw, Poland, for the botched job in 2017 and was recently awarded £28,000 in damages.

    Speaking to the press, she said: “The tattoo artist had dozens of such procedures in his portfolio. At least that's what he said.

    “Then it turned out not to be true. He also claimed to have medical education, which is also doubtful.”

    After the brutal tattoo fail she had three unsuccessful operations to try and improve her eyesight.

    But one eye had to be replaced with an implant after she got glaucoma and advanced cataracts following the horror tattoo.

    Soren Lorenson

    Assistant manager of a pizza restaurant Soren Lorenson is better known online as the Neon Demon.

    He is plastered head to toe in tattoos but his life-long dream was to have his eyeballs blacked out.

    The 28-year-old did just that and afterwards he told the Daily Star: “It was a very positive experience and I have wanted to do it for many many years.

    “I'm very happy with who I see when I look in the mirror now. Ever since I was a child, I've always drawn characters with black eyes and eyes without pupils.

    “I got it done for myself because I've wanted it my whole life and I knew that I would be happier seeing myself this way.

    “The reactions have actually been the same as always, yet works surprisingly well as a social icebreaker and a good conversation starter.”


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