Mary Fitzgerald Reveals Why She’s ‘Nervous’ To Film New Seasons Of ‘Selling Sunset’

Mary Fitzgerald Reveals Why She’s ‘Nervous’ To Film New Seasons Of ‘Selling Sunset’


Mary Fitzgerald is letting fans into a more intimate part of her life in seasons 4 and 5 of ‘Selling Sunset’.

Mary Fitzgerald will take Selling Sunset viewers on her IVF journey with husband Romain Bonnet in the show’s upcoming seasons. In an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife, the real estate guru, 37, explained why the process has been delayed, and how she truly feels about expanding her family.

“Things change every day for my life… Romain [age 29] and I need to do that, the embryo freezing, because I still didn’t get checked about a year, probably a year and a half ago now,” she said about a time when she was initially scheduled to start the IVF process. But, I was supposed to do it and just haven’t really had time. And so, that is a priority, but we have to just make sure that option is there whenever, and if ever we want to do it,” she explained.

Mary went on to note that the “embryo freezing” process is “hard,” admitting, “that’s why I haven’t done it.” She explained, “You have to do a bunch of shots to get your egg counts up, and it creates a ton of them, and they all drop so [doctors] can extract them. They look to find the best eggs and then they take Romain’s sperm, implant it and make it grow. So it’s basically it’s an embryo, not just a single egg,” Mary continued.

“The chances are better with embryos for them to take. And since I would have no interest if I wasn’t doing it with Romain, in a couple of years, we’re not ready right now, I wouldn’t want to do it,” she said. “A lot of people say ‘just freeze your eggs because otherwise it can only be that person’s baby.’ But, I wouldn’t be doing it anyway if it wasn’t for him. I’m good. I’ve already done it.” Mary is already mom to 22-year-old son, Austin from a previously relationship.

“With my age, I don’t feel like it’s something I’m missing in my life. It’s not something I need so,” Mary said, adding, “But, ’embryo freezing] is something I would be willing to do.”

Mary, for her part, is just trying to live in the present. “I’m not even thinking far ahead,” she said, admitting that embryo freezing “makes me nervous enough just going in to get it done.”

When asked if she’s ever considered surrogacy as an option to have a baby with Romain, Mary said she has given it a thought. Though, “Romain thought I was crazy at first, when I mentioned that, and then, he understood the reasoning,” she said. “I mean I was 16 when I had my son and I was like my body’s not going to bounce back. Also, going through pregnancy and everything like that when I’m so busy. Why not [surrogacy]?  If technology’s there I’m open to it,” Mary said, noting, “It makes sense, but we haven’t made the decision that we are going to do it. I am open to it.”

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