Man’s ‘Apple Watch detected deadly heart condition’ after reading 130bpm at rest

Man’s ‘Apple Watch detected deadly heart condition’ after reading 130bpm at rest


A student was 'saved by his Apple watch' after the device detected his heart beat was at 130bpm at rest.

Jorge Cox, 22, told doctors his watch had picked up worrying heart rate readings – before going on to undergo a five hour open heart surgery in May.

The preforming arts student was diagnosed with Aortic Regurgitation – also known as a leaky heart valve – and incredibly, had unknowingly suffered from the condition since birth.

Jorge first realised something was wrong when the device recorded heart rate readings of over 130bpm whilst he was resting during September 2018.

Assuming the readings were to do with his caffeine intake during his stressful university course, he forgot all about it.

But after mentioning it to a nurse – who was checking him over before an unrelated throat procedure – at the Royal Oldham Hospital in November 2018, doctors ran tests and diagnosed him with Aortic Regurgitation.

The condition occurs when the heart's aortic valve doesn't close tightly and results in some of the blood pumped out of the organ's main camber leaking back into it.

It can lead to sudden heart failure if not treated and medics told Jorge he could have 'dropped down dead' at any time.

Jorge, a graduate from Blackpool and The Fylde College, who lives in Oldham, Manchester, said: ''It all began when I kept getting these heart rhythm readings.

''Basically the Apple Watch tells you if there is a spike in heart rate, but mine kept happening when I was lying down, watching TV or dozing which is unusual.

"Your heart rate usually spikes if you're doing something strenuous like excising or if you have lots of caffeine.

''It didn't make much sense, but I put it down to the amount of coffee I was drinking to get through my exams.

''I'd always have at least one large iced coffee from Starbucks each day – sometimes more – to help with exam stress so assumed it was the caffeine from that.

''In fact, I only mentioned it in passing to a nurse who was prepping me for a tonsillectomy because she asked if I had any history of heart problems.

''She was amazing and made sure it was checked out straight away – thank god she did.

''Finding out I was so ill was really scary, I wouldn't wish it on anyone, I was terrified for my life.''

Jorge first acquired his Apple watch in November 2016 – when he paid for it himself on finance – and then upgraded to a Series Four model in January 2019.

Without the Apple watch Jorge maintains that he might not be alive to 'tell the tale' as doctors warned that he could have 'dropped down dead' at any time.

Looking back, the singer now believes that he'd ignored other symptoms after mistaking them for normal teen behaviours and school stress.

He said: ''In hindsight, I was always was exhausted, which I now know to be a symptom of the condition.

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