Luke P. Should Have His ‘Bachelorette’ License Revoked

Luke P. Should Have His ‘Bachelorette’ License Revoked


The hosts of “Here to Make Friends” have never opened up to anyone like this before. Claire Fallon and Emma Gray revisit the good, the bad and the best-dressed from this week’s episode of “The Bachelorette.”

This week, Luke gets his Speedo in a twist after Hannah bungee jumps naked with another man. Enter Tyler C., who swoops in with a feminist lesson on double standards that deserves all the roses. 

Hannah engaged in a particularly acrobatic slew of makeout sessions this week — but which was the most impressive? Meanwhile, Garrett underwhelms with his story of personal struggle, and Jed is one unsolicited musical number away from handing out demo CDs. 

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