Love Islands Liberty Poole says no boys have slid into her DMs since leaving villa

Love Islands Liberty Poole says no boys have slid into her DMs since leaving villa


Love Island star Liberty Poole has revealed that she has not had 'any guys sliding into her DMs' since leaving the villa.

The 22 year old, who has been named as the favourite to win Dancing On Ice 2022 after she was announced in the new line-up, described how she has not had any boys privately messaging her on Instagram since she left Majorca in August.

Liberty, who has recently secured a new deal with In The Style, made the admirable decision to part ways with Jake Cornish, 24, just days before the final of the ITV2 show but is not looking to find a man anytime soon.

And in an exclusive chat with OK!, Liberty was asked if her social media has been inundated with messages from boys.

Speaking at the TRIC Awards, she said: "I have been asked this question so many times I can genuinely say hand on my heart I haven't really had any guys sliding into my DMs. Honestly!

"It has been mainly girls saying, 'you have inspired me', and 'you are my role model', and to me that means more because I am not really looking for a man I am more focused on myself at the moment and putting all of my energy into myself."

Asking about dating, the blonde bombshell continued: "That's not what I need right now and obviously I am over the situation with Jake [Cornish] in terms of I have moved on and it has been put to bed.

"The ship has sailed but I am still dealing with that as well as being busy. So for me, a guy is not even on my mind!"

The Birmingham-born reality star formed a strong friendship with Kaz Kamwi, 26, in the villa who went onto find love with 26 year old Tyler Cruickshank.

Speaking about her close friendship with Kaz in the villa, Liberty added: "Outside of the villa I am a really strong on girl code and I feel like I definitely brought that into the villa and Kaz and I are amazing."

"I saw her yesterday actually and I am still FaceTiming her every day! She is really loved up with Tyler which is great to see so she is doing amazing."

It appears that 'focusing on herself' has paid off for Liberty who is set to star on Dancing On Ice along with an In The Style deal which is thought to be worth £1million and could double to £2million with commissions and royalties on top.

Prior to entering the villa, Liberty worked as a Nando's waitress, earning up to £18,000 a year, while also studying.

Over the moon with her new partnership, the beauty’s official statement also read: “I am so excited to be exclusively working In The Style!

“I’ve always loved that the brand is so inclusive and really empowers women, as that is something that I am extremely passionate about too.

“I can’t wait for everyone to see all the amazing things we have coming up,” the reality star continued. “Including my first ever clothing collection, where the aim is to make girls everywhere feel confident ‘in the style’ they wear!”

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