Louisiana Man Savaged by Alligator in Front of Wife in Hurricane Ida Floodwater

Louisiana Man Savaged by Alligator in Front of Wife in Hurricane Ida Floodwater


She managed to fight it off and drag him inside — but when she returned from seeking help in a boat, he was gone.

A Louisiana man who survived Hurricane Ida was “attacked and apparently killed” in the floodwaters by an alligator — right in front of his wife.

The 71-year-old man had waded into 4-ft of water on the ground level of his home in Avery Estates, Slidell on Monday, and was making his way outside to check on his shed. His wife, who is in her 60s, said she suddenly heard a commotion outside; she followed him out to see him in the jaws of a large alligator.

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The brave woman immediately ran to his side and even managed to fight off the reptile, before allegedly dragging her husband back onto the steps. She called 911, but because of a problem with the emergency system, St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office were not able to respond immediately.

She quickly gathered what first aid supplies she could find, but realizing how badly he was injured, she decided to jump into her canoe and head to higher ground, a mile away, to go get help.

But when she got back — her husband was gone.

“When deputies got out there, they noticed a large amount of blood and learned from his spouse that the body was no longer present,” STPSO said.

Deputies began searching the area in high water vehicles and flatboats, but so far have been unable to locate him. It is still being treated as a missing persons investigation, though their report says the man was “attacked and apparently killed.”

“Sheriff Randy Smith warns residents to be extra vigilant with walking in flooded areas as wildlife has been displaced as well during this storm and alligators and other animals may have moved closer into neighborhoods,” the office warned.

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Hurricane Ida has devastated the region, causing an estimated $80 billion worth of damage and claiming at least five lives so far since making landfall on Sunday. It is the second most intense hurricane to ever hit Louisiana, behind only 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

CBS This Morning shared a harrowing interview with a Good Samaritan who desperately tried to save a stranger he found inside a fully submerged car — but it was too late.

“I probably did CPR on him for about 20, 30 minutes before any help got out, but he didn’t make it,” he said.

In neighboring Mississippi, two people were killed and 10 more injured after part of a highway washed away Monday night near the town of Lucedale, plunging seven cars into a 50ft hole.

“I’ve never seen anything in my 23 years in law enforcement like this,” Trooper Cal Robertson told CNN.

On top of the deaths, damage and power outages, police are also having to deal with widespread looting, while health officials have warned the conditions have created the “perfect petri dish” for the spread of Coronavirus.

Residents are also facing a massive surge in fuel prices, with 95 percent of Gulf Coast refineries now shut down.

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