Lidl has launched a range of power tools that are perfect for sorting out the garden

Lidl has launched a range of power tools that are perfect for sorting out the garden


LIDL has launched a brand new gardening range, available in stores from today.

The range is is part of the discounter's Middle of Lidl promotion and will only be available while stocks last.


Included in the promotion is a Parkside four-in-one petrol multi-tool, available for £129.

The combination tool has four functions: a lawn trimmer, a strimmer, a hedge trimmer and a pruner.

It has a powerful two-stroke petrol engine with 1.35kW (1.85hp).

It's a reasonable price, too.

Screwfix have a similar tool, but it's £169.99 – 32 per cent more than the Lidl option.

Amazon have a five-in-one Parker tool, which only costs £136.49.

It's more expensive than the Lidl offering, but you do get an extra function for your money.

At B&Q have a reduced to clear option which has four functions and costs £130.

Hedge trimmer

Also included in the promotion is the Lidl cordless hedge trimmer, which is priced at £49.99.

It has a powerful 20V Li-Ion battery (2.0Ah) with a charge status LED.

It also has a high-quality, laser-cut blade with an aluminium guide rail and impact protection.

In charges in just 60 minutes and has a wall hanger for space saving.

It's not the cheapest cordless trimmer on the market though, we found one at B&Q for just £39.

But the B&Q states it is best for younger or smaller-sized hedges.

Spray gun set

Lidl have also introduced a multi-function spray gun set, costing £3.99.

It comes with nine different spray patterns and a lockable trigger.

It has a complete connection set for 13mm garden hoses including a tap connector and an ergonomic grip.

The maximum pressure is four bar.

To get a similar set from B&Q you'd need to spend £10.35 – substantially more than Lidl.

And the cheapest version we could find on Amazon was this £5.50 Kingfisher model.

Weed burner

From today you can also pick up a weed burner at Lidl for £14.99.

It runs off a propane / butane mix and can only be sold to over-18s so don't forget to take your ID.

It measures 91.7 x 18.3 x 3.7cm.

Lidl is also selling the gas canisters for £2.99 each.

It's not the cheapest way to get your hands on a weed burner.

Amazon have plenty of options where you can get the tool itself as well as four gas canisters for around £15.

For instance this Amazon option will set you back just £15.18.

The cheapest option from B&Q was £19.

Garden waste bag

Lidl are also selling a pop-up garden waste bag for just £3.99.

The bag is self-expanding and self-standing.

It is made from tear-resistant fabric and comes with two carry handles.

It also has two extra base handles for easy emptying.

It has a capacity of 85 litres and a max load of 50 kilograms.

It's a good bargain but it's not the absolute cheapest pop-up bag out there.

We found a Perel one on Amazon for £3.64.

All the Lidl garden range is available in store only.

There are over 760 stores in Great Britain and you can find your nearest one using the store finder.

Some of the tools are quite heavy, so you might want to think carefully about how to get them home.

All of the garden range is available only while stocks last.

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And Asda has 30% off garden furniture including a fire pit for £17.50.

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