Laura Osnes ‘Challenged Herself’ By Taking On ‘Rewarding & Wonderful’ Role In ‘In The Key Of Love’

Laura Osnes ‘Challenged Herself’ By Taking On ‘Rewarding & Wonderful’ Role In ‘In The Key Of Love’


Broadway star Laura Osnes will be in her first TV film on the Hallmark Channel & she’s revealing to HL why it was a challenging, yet incredible experience!

Laura Osnes, who you definitely know from the 2007 singing competition, Grease: You’re The One That I Want, is returning to our TV screens in the Hallmark Channel original movie, In The Key Of Love! The Michigan-native makes her TV film debut as Maggie, a singer-songwriter from Nashville who quits her job to take over her grandmother’s wedding photography business. Of course, an ex-boyfriend walks back into her life, and she is less than thrilled, wanting to leave her past behind her. Laura, now a Tony nominated Broadway vet, brought not only her acting talent, but her vocal chops to her character, in the movie that premieres on July 1 at 8 PM. “It wasn’t necessarily something that was important to me, and yet I’m so grateful that singing was part of my character, because that is in my comfort zone,” she explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with “As much as doing a film was new territory for me, I was like ‘Oh, at least I get to sing in it.’”

Laura admitted she had nerves when it came to TV/Film acting, because, unlike Broadway, which you rehearse for months, this medium has a quick turnaround. “Just getting used to just flying by the seat of my pants a little and trusting my instincts, trusting my scene partners was different for me, but I loved it. Really living in the moment,” she said. “By the third day, I felt like I knew the tricks and it was cool. It was really, really fun to learn. It was a thrill.”

The Tony nominated actress revealed that In The Key Of Love took her out of her typical comfort zone, but she learned through the experience to face her fears. “Challenging yourself to face your fears can be a really rewarding and beautiful experience… I wish I would have done it earlier,” she recalled. “I felt like an old dog trying to learn a new trick, but it’s weird, when I was 19 I flew to LA to audition for a reality show — when you’re younger, you’re just willing to take those risks and go for it.” Laura continued, “You realize you need to continue to think outside the box, and I feel like that’s what this film did for me.”

We can’t wait to watch Laura, opposite Scott Michael Foster, in In The Key Of Love on the Hallmark Channel on July 1 at 8 PM ET!

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