Kim Kardashians glam team share how to get her iconic lift and snatch look

Kim Kardashians glam team share how to get her iconic lift and snatch look


It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian is the queen of glam and fans of the KUWTK star have attempted to recreate some of her most iconic hair and makeup moments for years now.

While there are far too many beauty looks to choose from, it’s Kim’s sleek and “snatched” ponytail we’re constantly swooning over – not to mention her contour technique, which has evolved over the years from heavy “baking” to the more natural, “lifted” look she sports today.

If, like her fans, you’re desperate to know her secrets, then we may have found the answer to your prayers! In a video shared to Instagram, the star’s hairstylist Chris Appleton and her MUA Mario Dedivanovic have posted a tutorial for her go-to look.

“Mario and I show you how we get the perfect snatch,” Chris captions the post shared with his 2.5 million followers.

The hairstylist, whose other celebrity clients include Jennifer Lopez and Dua Lipa, begins the tutorial by showing how to achieve the high and tight ponytail worn by Kim.

“Take a triangle section at the front, temple to temple – clip it away,” Chris says, before pulling the rest of the model’s hair back and securing it with a bobble.

To achieve that iconic “snatched” look, Chris says “the key” is to follow the natural direction of your cheekbones, while using hairspray to keep it in place.

“Tie that ponytail really nice and tight,” he adds, “if you follow the cheekbone, you won’t go wrong.”

For the finishing touches, Chris then takes out the front section that was pinned back in the beginning and similarly combs it back into the ponytail with hairspray, before adding some length using an extension hair piece.

“For a bit more drama, I always like to add a ponytail hair piece – just makes it look a little more edgy – and wrap a small piece of hair around the base,” he says, before adding Color Wow’s Root Cover Up, £23.60 here in the hairline to cover up sparse areas.

Throughout the video, Kim’s makeup artist Mario gets to work creating a similar “snatched” look – only on the model’s face instead.

To do this, we can see him applying eyeshadow in a “lifted” shape, with the colour diffused out and upwards in the direction of the brow arch. He mimics this with the bronzer and blush application – applying the product at the tip of the cheekbones, towards the temples.

If your day-to-day makeup isn’t giving you a lifted, youthful look, it’s worth trying out Mario’s hack instead.

 Rather than applying your concealer, contour, bronzer and blusher in your usual spot, try popping them slightly higher on your face, blending outwards and upwards.

Thanks for the tips guys!

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