Kate Middleton fashion facts including her £100k dress and favourite places to shop

Kate Middleton fashion facts including her £100k dress and favourite places to shop


Since the moment Kate Middleton met Prince William she's had all eyes on her and quickly went from laid-back History Of Art student to our country's elegant future Queen.

The fashion savvy Duchess has had to adapt dressing appropriately no matter the occasion and learn the royal rules she must stick too to avoid upsetting The Queen.

Whether Kate, aged 40, is attending a red carpet ball or playing football in the park, the Duchess Of Cambridge never fails to bring her A-Game when it comes to her outfit choices.

But it doesn't come easy. Kate has many styling secrets up her sleeves to ensure she always looks sophisticated and fitting for the occasion – we've divulged into these lesser known facts to reveal all…

1. Designer Cecile Reinaud of Séraphine, who has designed multiple dresses and coats for Kate in the past, told PopSugar, how designers aren't given an advanced warning that the Duchess has chosen to wear their clothing.

She explained: "We are totally surprised, It’s super confidential. Of course, if she does wear it, the traffic to our website goes crazy and we sell out of the item within hours."

2. Kate has turned her hand to jewellery design in the past. When she worked for over a year at Jigsaw as an accessories buyer, she designed a necklace alongside Claudia Bradby, which is rumoured to have been released in stores.

3. Kate has frequently been known to alter her clothes to ensure they are more appropriate for a Duchess to wear. From making hemlines longer to adding sleeves to a strapless style, she knows how to make her looks work for her whilst keeping to royal protocol.

4. Kate doesn't just buy individual items at a time – she prefers to buy in bulk. The Duchess is a big fan of Aquatalia, and the brand's CEO told Canada's National Post: "The exciting thing for me is that like everybody else, she goes into retail stores. Not only did she choose our boots, [she] bought four pairs."

5. Donatella Versace is a big fan of the Duchess of Cambridge. The Italian designer, who has led her iconic family brand since her brother's death in 1997, told The Sunday Times in 2014 that Kate "can wear anything because she has a fantastic body." We'd love to see Kate in some Versace!

6. Kate's wedding dress designer had to sign a confidentiality agreement before crafting her stunning Alexander McQueen dress in 2011.

The designer Sarah Burton told The Telegraph: "It was so great to actually keep a secret. Especially in this day and age when everyone talks about everything."

7. For a long time, Kate didn't have a full-time stylist. One of her assistants, Natasha Archer, helped her with her royal wardrobe and winning looks, before eventually becoming her personal stylist.

8. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are said to have fallen for each other at a Charity fashion show back in 2002. Wearing a lace dress by designer Charlotte Todd, it's said it was in this very moment Prince William fell for Kate.

9. Charlotte Todd, the designer of Kate's now legendary catwalk lace dress, sold the dress in 2011 for around £100,000 to an unidentified buyer at an auction.

10. When Kate wears a designer, it really does change lives, especially when it's a lesser-known brand.

When The Duchess Of Cambridge wore a dress by Rebecca Taylor, the New-Zealand based designer said she'd "died and gone to heaven".

She continued: "I can't tell you, I'm such a royalist, it's so corny. It gives you goosebumps. Never would've imagined in a million years."

11. Kate isn't afraid to ask for help when she shops alone. When visiting Designer Amaia Arrieta's London store, she reportedly asked: "I've just had a baby and I'm a little lost. Would you be able to help me?"

12. Kate never accepts free clothes that are sent to her. Katherine Hooker, who has designed clothes for the Royal, told the Huffington Post: "She doesn’t take free clothes, and I’ve heard that from other people who sent her things. She always comes to the shop, which is nice. And we’ve sent her a few things when she didn’t have time to come in.”

13. Kate's clothes are delivered straight to Kensington Palace when she orders them online. Cecile Reinaud, owner of Séraphine, said: "I knew [that Kate was a fan of the line] because we had orders going to Kensington Palace."

14. Kate is known to love a bargain and has been spotted shopping in the discounted outlet shops at Bicester Village. Kate picked up a Missoni coat at one of the stores and has worn it on many occasions.

15. Kate is never one to shy away from wearing colour – in fact, she embraces it. Daniella Helayel, who designed Kate's Issa engagement dress in 2010 said: "Kate loves colour and has a great figure. People are afraid of colour, but it really lifts you up when you wear it."

16. One of Kate's favourite stores to shop in is a department store, with The Duchess being particularly fond of London's Peter Jones store near Sloane Square.

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