January 31 – On this day: 51 years since Bloody Sunday

January 31 – On this day: 51 years since Bloody Sunday


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A 14th later died of their injuries. They were protesting against internment without trial for IRA suspects. The 2010 Saville report claimed the killings were “both unjustified and unjustifiable”.

70 years ago (1953) Some 133 people died when the Princess Victoria car ferry from Stranraer in southwest Scotland to Larne in Northern Ireland sank in rough seas.

An inquiry blamed ferry company British Railways for the poor design of the bow doors which were forced open during the storm.

62 years ago (1961) A chimp named Ham returned safely to earth after becoming the first great ape to be launched into space on board a US rocket. Ham’s capsule splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean and was recovered by the USS Donner.

His only injury was a bruised nose and he lived until 1983.

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