Jameela Jamil thinks celebrities are ‘useless’

Jameela Jamil thinks celebrities are ‘useless’


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Despite being a celebrity herself, Jameela Jamil can’t stand them.

“I think that celebrities have been exposed,” “The Good Place” star said recently on Angela Scanlon’s “Thanks a Million” podcast. “F—k them. Just f–k them all. F–k us all. We’re useless.”

Talking about how the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted people’s priorities, Jamil, 34, sounded gleeful talking about celebrity culture.

“Sorry we’re crap,” she said with a laugh. “I’ve always thought we were crap so it’s been quite exciting to watch the rise of the people who are actually going to make a real difference in this world.”

The activist also detailed her plans to quit Hollywood in six years and become a therapist.

”I want to leave TV when I’m 40 entirely and become an EMDR therapist,” she explained. “And I might well f–king do that. I might just go away and become a therapist.’ 

EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing and is a form of psychotherapy that involves hand tapping and eye movements.

Jamil, who began her career as a television correspondent in Britain, described her career to “one giant f–k it bucket,” insisting that she never set out to become famous but “accidentally” ended up on “a really massive show.”

The I Weigh founder also said that she was grateful for being “able to be part of making eating disorder culture and its toxicity mainstream.”

The outspoken personality has previously opened up about attempting suicide and being queer.

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