Isolating grandpa works out so he can lift granddaughter to put angel on tree

Isolating grandpa works out so he can lift granddaughter to put angel on tree


We’ve seen some wholesome content over Christmas this year, but people are particularly taken with this granddad who lifts weights so he’s strong enough to carry his granddaughter.

The German TV ad from Dutch pharmaceuticals company DocMorris has gone viral and people across the world have been watching it.

It tells the story of an old man who lives alone and misses his family. He decides to hunt out an old kettlebell in his shed and initially, can barely lift it.

But as time goes on, he gets stronger, lifting the weights higher through the seasons.

The ad shows him looking at a photograph of someone who is his motivation but that isn’t revealed until the very end.

Despite some concern from his neighbour, he keeps going and eventually it gets to Christmas.

He dresses up in a suit and bow tie, to see his family for the festive season, holding a gift.

When he arrives, his motivation is revealed – his young granddaughter.

She opens the gift and finds a star tree topper inside, showing how he used his workouts to become strong enough to lift her to the very top.

The ad finishes with the slogan written in German which translates as: ‘So that you can take care of what really matters in life.’

One person described it as the ‘best Christmas advertisement this year’, while another said: ‘Tissues definitely needed.’

Someone else said: ‘If this doesn’t give you the feels, then there is something seriously wrong with you.’

No, you’re crying.

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