Inside Pangeos: Saudi Arabias $8 Billion Floating City

Inside Pangeos: Saudi Arabias $8 Billion Floating City


Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini is back with yet another incredible yacht design and concept. Pierpaolo Lazzarini of the Lazzarini Design Studio is widely known for creating one of the largest superyachts in the world. The designer has taken things to a whole new level with his latest yacht design.

Lazzarini is set to create the biggest and most extravagant floating city in the world. After the designer’s swan shaped superyacht, he is set to create another animal shaped yacht, a sea turtle shaped terayacht that the world is yet to see. The itinerant yacht will cater to the multiple commercial and entertainment of those who will be living in the floating city. Take a look at the $8 billion terayacht idea of the Italian designer.

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A Mind Blowing Tera Yacht Concept By The Lazzarini Design Studio

The $8 Billion mega vessel floating city will be called Pangeos, named after the supercontinent that existed over 200 million years, during the late Paleozoic and early

Mesozoic eras, ago called Pangaea. The project will be built in Saudi Arabia and if realized, it will be the biggest marine vessel ever built as a vast floating city.If funded and approved, the project is set to begin the construction in 2033 at the King

Abdullah Port. It is estimated that the project will take up to 8 years to complete with the completion budget of $8 billion. The gigantic hull contains nine different bows that is subdivided into several blocks.

The project will be designed and handled by the Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini of the Lazzarini Design Studio that is headquartered in Rome, Italy. The studio used a 3D technology to create the design and concept of the floating home life in city. It will be like an enormous floating metropolis that will have an adequate space for normal city places such as parks, retail malls, public transport and even hotels.

Once completed, the sea turtle shaped terayacht will set the record for the largest floating super structure ever built. The floating city would have an area of about 550 meters or 1,800 ft and measures 610 meters or about 2,000 ft at its widest point . It will be three times larger than the largest yacht in the world, Azzam, which only has about 590 ft area.

Lazzarini claims that the project is technically just a a yacht, but the main idea is to turn it into a fully functioning and self sustaining city. It has the ability to cover great distances by floating on the water but can be anchored to the pier side. It can transport the guests at the speed of five knots.

Aspirations Of Being A Fully Self Sustaining City

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The enormous ship is estimated to hold a total of 60,000 people exclusive of the undefined number of crew and personnel in the middle of the sea. There will be enough apartments and villas in the city to cater everyone who wanted to try living in the area.

It will have 69 apartments and 19 extravagant and luxurious overwater villas on each wing of the Pangeos. Some of these apartments offers the stunning overview of the central port area of the ship, while other will have the sea views. There will also be hotels, shopping centers and clubs for those who want to party.

The itinerant floating city Pangeos will be powered by nine HTS electric engines that has the capacity of 16,800 horsepower each. Aside from these power source, there will be solar panel lined up in the area that will provide the necessary energy to power the turtle shaped terayacht. The large wings of the yacht will also gain energy from the braking of the waves, giving Pangeos the ability to cruise perpetually without the unnecessary emissions.

The body of the ship starts from the entrance of the port area up to the main square, extending into the massive terraced villa. it will then lead to the private houses, rooftop terraces, buildings and the upper shell zone which offers a landing area for the flying vehicles.

The lower space of the city can house over 30,000 cells and cluster compartments that will provide an unsinkable floating solution for the basement. The materials for these will mainly consists of steel.

Where Does The Pangeos Get Their $8 Billion Funding?

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Although this is just a prototype, both Lazzarini Design Studio and Saudi Arabia are taking it seriously. Both parties wanted it to materialize and build the dream like floating city. With the objective of raising the necessary funds for the project, they have launched a crowdfunding campaign that will allow anyone to buy a virtual ticket for only $16.

The fundraising can also be funded by buying NFT will give the owner an access to own a virtual apartment in the turtle yacht. They will also launch a tera yacht experience for those interested through a launch in Metaverse this year. They have yet to announce the date of their Metaverse launch date this year.

No details were given how much money they’ve gotten so far or how many people have participated in their NFT initiatives.

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