Inside Kate Middleton and Meghan Markles royal jewellery collection worth over £100,000

Inside Kate Middleton and Meghan Markles royal jewellery collection worth over £100,000


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When it comes to The Royal Family, we’re just as obsessed with their wardrobes as we are them.

However, besides the glitz and glamour of their clothes, we’re equally fascinated by their twinkling jewels which always come with a rich history – they are part of a very wealthy family after all.

When members such as Kate Middleton and even Princess Diana stepped out for special appearances, most of the time their special jewels are borrowed from The Queen's collection.

Well, gifting expertsFind Me A Gifthave taken a look into the jewellery that the Royal ladies have received from other family members and revealed just how much each one is estimated to be worth.

The online website found out that The Duchess of Cambridge has received seven gifts in total and the prices add up to a whopping £101,640.

Whereas Meghan Markle has an estimated total of £79,245, but she wins for the most expensive item out of the two ladies.

Prince Harry gifted Meghan a large aquamarine diamond ring which was worn on their wedding day and is said to be worth a staggering £75,000.

A ring like this could only have belonged to another icon from The Royal Family, Princess Diana.

The statement piece came into Prince Harry's ownership after his mother's death, so it makes sense that he kept it aside to give away on a very special day.

Kate's most expensive item surprisingly doesn't come from Prince William but actually from her father-in-law, Prince Charles.

On her wedding day to Prince William back in 2011, The Duke of Wales gifted Kate a white and yellow diamond Art Deco bracelet, earrings and ring which is said to be worth £57,000.

Whilst her second most expensive piece of jewellery was from her husband, which is a £32,200 Cartier watch which is set with a sapphire stone.

Whilst Kate and Meghan rack up a high number for their luxe jewels, their mother-in-law still takes home the crown for having the highest total, and most of that comes from just one item in particular, the diamond and pearl Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara.

The princess-approved accessory is expected to be worth £215,000 and quite honestly, we couldn't imagine wearing something that expensive on our heads.

The tiara was gifted to Diana by The Queen, and since her death as been worn by her daughter-in-law Kate Middleton on multiple occasions.

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