Inside Chloe Sims and Pete Wicks’ cosy friendship as he discusses their sexual relationship

Inside Chloe Sims and Pete Wicks’ cosy friendship as he discusses their sexual relationship


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Pete Wicks and Chloe Sims have always enjoyed a close friendship, but it seems the lines may have gotten blurred over the years…

The bad boy charmer confirmed once and for all that at some points over the past two years they were more than just friends as he spilled the secrets.

After a mystery fallout back in January 2020, leading to the pair not speaking for eight months, they had always insisted they were never interested in taking their friendship any further than purely platonic.

But it seems the intensity of their relationship caused issues – with Chloe at one point calling him her "soulmate" – and scenes in upcoming TOWIE episodes finally reveal what went wrong when things got a little too familiar.

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But how did Pete and Chloe get so close in the first place? Let's take a look back at their cosy friendship after they opened up about their sexual history together…

Chloe and Pete: Best friends or soulmates?

Pete and Chloe have been best mates for a number of years, with the tattooed hunk telling the Sun in 2019: "Me and Chloe have been mates for so long it is one of those things I would never want to hurt or ruin our friendship.

"I have had a bad history with women and Chloe has been hurt before so there's no way either of us would risk what we have.

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"I know a lot of people would like to see us together. I do love her to bits as a person and I would never not want her in my life but just as friends. We have too much to lose to ever risk it."

However, Chloe said: "I think Pete is my soul mate. He definitely is. We are so close and I do love him. I say to him all the time that I love him, but I don't know if soulmates have to be together in a sexual relationship."

Mystery fallout

As TOWIE returned following lockdown Chloe branded Pete an "a**hole" during a confrontation and said he "dismissed her feelings" after their mystery fallout.

In a later episode she confessed to Gatsby, Diags, and Olivia Attwood during a chat about what had happened: “Me and Pete stopped speaking. We had a falling out at the end of January.

"It was quite calm. I just didn't want to have people around me that I felt weren't 100 per cent.”

Chloe said she had considered reaching out to Pete during lockdown but decided against it, telling Olivia: "He just made me question if I even know him at all."

Pete and Chloe were 'friends with benefits'

As scenes from upcoming episodes of TOWIE were released Pete confirmed what fans had wanted all alone as they disclosed details of their "friends with benefits" relationship.

Sitting down with Celebs Go Dating coach Anna Williamson on Sunday night's episode, it was finally revealed that the two have been in a sexual relationship for the last two years.

"Yes our relationship has been more than just a friendship. It has been romantic.

“There have definitely been blurred lines over the last two-years. We haven't been officially seeing each other but there's definitely been times it's been more than just a friendship.”

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Chloe Sims 'in love' with Pete Wicks

Chloe has since confessed her love for Pete: "If I love someone and they are in my life and I feel safe with someone I can be quite needy because I don't find that often.

"I know I can be a lot if I love someone. If I love them, I love them through and through, from head to toe, there are no ifs or buts or in-between."

Speaking about the breakdown in their relationship, Chloe told the Sun: "Maybe I smothered him. I will put my heart out there but Pete's not like that. He doesn't like talking about his feelings. It is like getting blood out of a stone."

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Pete and Chloe in therapy to save friendship

The former BFFs decided to seek help in a last ditch attempt to save their friendship in last week's edition of the reality show, with both Chloe and Pete, 31, getting tearful.

"We are just so different, we constantly end up fighting or falling out. Pete needs his own time to think about things. I won't think before I speak," the eldest of the Sims' sisters explained.

"I wear my heart on my sleeve and say exactly how I'm feeling at that moment."

Can these two patch things up and return to just friends? Or has the secret romance ruined their chances…

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