Im draping 38J boobs in Union Jacks for Coronation – the King would approve

Im draping 38J boobs in Union Jacks for Coronation – the King would approve


Buxom babe Busty Malone plans to drape her huge 38J boobs in flags to show her respect to King Charles on his Coronation this weekend.

The 40-something cougar, from the West Midlands, has shared with Daily Star how she's planning to sauce up the royal festivities.

She's even weighed in on how she thinks King Charles is the start of a new 'trendy' royal family – especially given his dance moves.

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Busty Malone, real name Shirley Flynn, admitted that she thinks the "cool" monarch will even approve of her sexy outfit for Saturday (May 6) – and she's urged other women to get in touch with their busty sides too.

She exclusively shared: "I plan to celebrate the King's Coronation by having a small party get together with family and maybe a barbecue if the weather is good.

"And I certainly will be getting my large flags [my boobs] out – they'll be celebrating too.

"I'll be wearing my Union Jack bikini top to celebrate the new King in Busty Malone new-age style.

"I'll have my following [to] get another good eye full of my crown jewels [my tiara].

"Its 2023, a new generation where women can be more open about our sexuality.

"We are free to express ourselves now than they did back in 1953 when the breast and half naked bodies were a taboo subject and they had to cover up more."

Busty Malone thinks that women can get their boobs out this Coronation – unlike for the late Queen Elizabeth ll's big do in the 50s.

The social media star, who has more than 100,000 Facebook followers, thinks her attire would go down well with the royals.

"I hope my celebrations would give King Charles the same irresistible urge to dance like he did back in 70s with the The 3 Degrees," Busty Malone expressed.

"He is so cool he wouldn't even raise an eyebrow."

"Camilla is a great support for our new King Charlie," Shirley said.

"We have a trendy cool monarchy that's going to reign with the millennium."

Well, you've heard it here first!


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