I'm a PT – here's the 4 firming moves to get a butt Beyoncé and Kim K would be proud of | The Sun

I'm a PT – here's the 4 firming moves to get a butt Beyoncé and Kim K would be proud of | The Sun


WHO doesn't want a perky bum like Bey or Kim K?

If you don't have a personal trainer at your disposal, a celeb-worthy derriere might seem a little out of reach.

Thankfully, some help is at hand.

Rachael Sacerdoti, founder of the It’s So Simple method, shared the secret formula to an impeccably lifted bum.

All you need is four firming, sculpting, and lifting moves.

"How to achieve a great-looking bum is one of the most common questions I get asked," Rachael said.

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“Working your glutes is vital at any age, and I believe everybody can attain a firmer bottom. The ‘secret’ is consistency and lifting weights,” she added.

The key to building your glutes faster is mastering progressive overload, the fitness coach said.

“By pushing yourself slightly further than your last workout you’ll keep your muscles adapting and growing with each movement," she explained.

So, what does that look like?

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When it comes to strength training, Racheal said she advises her clients to start light, but with enough weight so that they can get through 75 per cent of each exercise comfortably.

"The remaining 25 per cent should challenge you," she said.

You can then increase the weight you're using in an exercise by a kilo or 500g each week, Rachael added.

According to the trainer, “this is where the real magic starts to happen".

"Form is everything," was Rachael's second tip.

To reap the benefits and see real rewards from an exercise, perfecting the move and ensuring your form is on point is vital.

"When it comes to using weights, your technique should be your number one concern," Racheal stressed.

"Lifting incorrectly will compromise your workout and can lead to serious injury. This will also knock your confidence and your enjoyment of the workout."

She advised you slow your movements down and if possible, always work out in front of a mirror to keep an eye on your form.

Her third tip was to keep your body fuelled with high-quality protein.

Making sure you have some of this after your workout will aid muscle repair and recovery, the fitness coach said.

If you're strength training and want to see some major gains, she advised you up your protein intake to 90g.

Here are the four exercises Rachael swears by for a Bey-approved booty:

  1. Weighted Glute Bridges
  2. Weighted Squats
  3. Weighted Deadlifts
  4. Weighted Bulgarian Split Lunges

Do each move 12 times and repeat the whole routine four times, with a 30-second break in-between rounds, Racheal said.

If you want to go that extra mile, she advised you follow her HIIT the Butt routine three times a week, for a posterior worth showing off.

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