I'm a dietitian – here's the 12 foods that make you MORE hungry and ruin your weight loss goals | The Sun

I'm a dietitian – here's the 12 foods that make you MORE hungry and ruin your weight loss goals | The Sun


SOME of your favourite foods could actually be making you feel more hungry, experts have warned.

Snacks such as croissants, doughnuts and even low-fat yoghurt can leave you feeling unsatisfied and reaching for something more filling.

It's bad news for anyone hoping to lose weight as it makes shedding some pounds pretty difficult, according to Dr Duane Mellor.

The leading dietitian, of Aston Medical School, said: "There is little long term evidence that feeling fuller for longer is linked to changes in weight.

"It is for that reason that fuller for longer health claims have not been approved and cannot be used on packaging in the UK or EU.

"However, it is possible that some foods which contain more protein, fibre and water can help you to feel fuller and these may help with appetite, whereas foods high in fat that can be eaten quickly tend not trigger the fullness hormones which stop us eating."


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Here, we take a look at 12 potential culprits.

1. Croissants

One of the worst offenders for leaving you wanting more is the morning croissant.

The pastry treat scores low on the satiety index – a measure of how well a food satisfies hunger.

Dr Mellor said: "As it is high in fat and also contains lots of calories, you can eat these quickly so it may not trigger the hormones which make you feel full."

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Writing for WebMD, nutritionist Dr Kathleen Zelman added: "There’s not much in them that’s good for you, and they’re loaded with fat and white flour that gives you more calories without leaving you satisfied."

Instead, she recommends opting for a poached egg on whole-grain toast.

2. Low-fat yoghurt 

Dr Zelman said the more you chew a food, the more it satisfies so by that measure, yogurt doesn’t rate well.

And the low-fat versions often contain sweeteners that can spike your blood sugar without the fats that help you feel full, she added.

The award-winning dietitian suggested trying full-fat yoghurt with granola, fresh fruit and nuts instead.

Dr Mellor added: "A protein rich yoghurt can help you feel full."

3. White rice

Rice contains a lot of fibre which can help you feel fuller for longer.

But when it comes to choosing what type of rice, the white kind can cause your blood sugar to shoot up and then come crashing down, Dr Mellor said.

This then makes you feel hungry again, so it's better to choose basmati or brown rice, which doesn't have as much of an impact.

He added: "In basmati, the starches are harder to digest so this may keep you feeling fuller than an easier-to-digest type like sticky rice."

4. Muffins

On some level we all know that a muffin might not be the most nutritious way to start the day.

But Dr Zelman reckons there's not much of a difference between scoffing a muffin or slice of cake.

"They’re both full of refined white flour, sugar, and fat – a perfect way to pack in the calories without satisfying your hunger," she added.

Dr Mellor said if you're going to have one, it's better to choose a bread-based wholemeal English muffin.

5. Egg whites

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods you can include in your diet.

Just two provide a source of nearly every essential vitamin and mineral, except vitamin C and B3, and are a great source of protein.

However, leaving out the yolks means far fewer calories, which means you'll likely be reaching for something else to fill the gap.

Dr Mellor said: "It depends how they're eaten, but a meringue will certainly not fill you up as it's mostly air."

6. Cereals with artificial sweeteners

Experts often advise avoiding breakfast cereals as they contain a lot of sugar.

But even the ones made with artificial sweeteners can be good to avoid because they can impact your blood sugar.

This may be because when you get the sweet taste without the calories, your body is still looking for those calories, Dr Zelman said.

Dr Mellor added: "It's probably better to sweeten cereals with fresh fruit as this adds more bulk to help keep you full."

7. Fruit juice

Fruit juices have a high sugar content so spark a rise in your blood sugar levels.

But because they contain little fibre, it is digested quickly and you face a sudden crash in energy, leaving you hungrier than before.

"Compared to eating the fruit, this will not make you feel as full," Dr Mellor said.

8. White bread

Similarly to juice, white bread doesn't contain the fibre that wholegrain varieties do so doesn't make you feel as full.

While it might taste good, it's better to go for loaves like whole wheat, rye or multi-grain, according to Dr Zelman.

9. Fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks are already full of sugar and calories, which isn't great for our waistlines.

But when the carbon dioxide is released in the stomach, chemical receptors cause the cells at the top of the stomach to release ghrelin, the "hunger hormone", a study at Aston University found.

Dr Mellor said: " The data on this is mixed. Some studies suggest they do not decrease food intake, but if they are sweetened with sugar they can add extra calories."

10. Alcohol

Research shows you consume more calories when you drink – but it's not just from the alcohol itself.

Some studies suggest booze might stimulate nerve cells in the brain's hypothalamus that increase appetite.

So it's no wonder you reach for a greasy burger or cheesy chips when you've been out.

"Alcohol reduces awareness of what you're eating, and if taken in excess, it can lower blood glucose which can lead to the desire to snack," Dr Mellor said.

11. Chips

Potatoes score pretty high on the satiety index – seven times that of croissants.

But frying them in oil and covering them in salt reduces their powers, Dr Zelman said.

"Like croissants, French fries are eaten quickly so you're more likely to overeat," Dr Mellor added.

12. Doughnuts

It's no surprise really that doughnuts pile on the calories with little nutritional value.

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The rings are loaded with sugar – and often topped with it too – so cause a spike and crash in energy.

"These are sugar and fat rich, and in rats and humans seem to hit a sweet spot, so we cannot easily tell if we have eaten enough so an over consume," Dr Mellor said.

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