I got dress coded at a Christian university for showing too much cleavage

I got dress coded at a Christian university for showing too much cleavage


A former university student has claimed she was dress-coded for showing too much skin on campus as it went against the Christian beliefs of the school..

American TikTok user, Anna, who posts as @annatheedragon, has made several videos calling out her religious college for its conservative rules.

In one of the clips, which has gained her more than 600 likes, Anna claims she was "dress coded" by staff at the Florida campus, which has not been explicitly named before she graduated in 2019.

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On-screen, she wrote: "POV: You get dress coded at Christian college by your dorm leader."

Anna was seen wearing a cropped spaghetti-strap top with a criss-cross detail over her cleavage, leaving part of her chest, shoulders, arms, and bit of her stomach exposed.

She then acted out the alleged conversation from the point of view of her dorm leader.

In a higher-pitched voice, she said: "Hey girl, do you have a few moments? Please come with me."

“I was just noticing your outfit and it is super adorable; however, it does look like you’re showing a little bit of cleavage and unfortunately, that is against school policy,” she added.

“I’m gonna have to ask you to go back to your room and change.”

She also claimed that she was asked for her name and student ID number so that they could report her to the school authorities.

In the caption, she added: "Yes this exact thing happened."

People in the comments were left stunned as they couldn't believe students were getting 'dress coded' at university as adults.

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One user wrote: "A DRESS CODE IN COLLEGE?? Hell naw. I’m Christian too but there’s NO WAY I’d let my school tell me how to dress."

A second said: "Expose them."

However, another user had a similar experience, writing: “Legit this happened to me but because my jeans had a hole in them.”

A fourth said: "GIIIIIIIIIIRL I’m so glad this came on my fyp bc I got stories (trauma) for days."


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