I did really badly in my A-levels… then I won £100k on one of UK’s toughest game shows – but I nearly missed out | The Sun

I did really badly in my A-levels… then I won £100k on one of UK’s toughest game shows – but I nearly missed out | The Sun


A MAN who won £100k on one of the UK's toughest game shows despite doing badly in his A-levels has revealed how he nearly missed out.

Daniel O'Halloran, 24, from Bebington, Wirral, won the whopping prize on ITV quiz show The 1% Club in 2022.

Daniel admitted that he did "really badly" in his A-levels and shocked himself by risking it all to walk away with the grand prize in the tough quiz.

The game show, hosted by comedian Lee Mack, tests the logic and common sense of its contestants – with one lucky winner out of 100 walking away with a small fortune.

He kept the secret for all those nine months so his family would be able to enjoy the stunning surprise but recently revealed that he has not been paid a penny of his winnings.

Daniel said he did tell his grandmother how well he really did because it was "especially nice to share the secret" with her, adding that she "did so well" in playing along. 

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But to everyone else, his huge win came as a complete surprise.

Speaking to MailOnline today, he said: "Even now I don't have the money because it comes in 30 days after the show airs.

"They [his family] went nuts! I've just been so excited for it to get aired since last July so it was just amazing to finally be able to see their reactions. 

"They couldn't believe I'd managed to keep it a secret which was even better.

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"They said a few things you wouldn't be able to print but they were just so proud of me."

Daniel filmed his feature episode back in July 2022 in Manchester, however it wasn't televised until Saturday April 29 of this year. 

It means he will receive his £99,000 in winnings on May 29. 

He also told a handful of trustworthy friends after being left stunned by his victory.

And brainy Daniel revealed that he "wasn't clever in school at all" despite his mega win.

Daniel added: "It was beyond anything I could've imagined… I thought I'd do well on the show but never imagined I'd win or even take on the final question.

"I'd like to think of myself as smart and good at working things out… I wasn't clever in school at all. 

"I'm not an academic so made it through GCSEs okay but did really badly at A level."

And when he finally receives his well-earned winnings at the end of this month, he has some sensible plans on how to spend it. 

He explained: "I'll be doing some work on the house and paying off some of the mortgage – but I also need to enjoy it and hopefully go and see the world."

Daniel also revealed that since the big win he has felt like a local hero and said he was taken aback by the level of support he received from neighbours.

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The lucky winner also had nothing but praise for the games show, saying he had an incredible experience and that everyone he met was "kind and lovely".

The game show tests the logic and common sense of its 100 contestants – but only one player gets to walk away with the fortune.

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