How to clean a coin

How to clean a coin


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Should you clean coins?

If your coins have no collectible value and you just want to rid everyday coins of bacteria and viruses, that’s perfectly fine.

However, if you’re planning on selling old coins you may want to consult a coin dealer first.

If you go ahead and clean the expensive old coin, you could totally damage it and make it worthless.

You should always go to a professional before cleaning collectable coins.

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Cleaning regular coins for use is ideal, because you kill the harmful nasties lurking on them.

As coins circulate from person to person, they pick up germs, bacteria, and viruses.

If you’re collecting for fun with no intention of selling or just want to make sure your cash is clean, there are a couple of ways to clean them.

It’s worth mentioning that although all coins can be cleaned with water, copper coins are more reactive and will be harder to clean.

How to clean a coin

The best way to clean coins is to clean them one by one.

Run water over the coins, and then put them to the side on a paper towel.

Fill a bowl up with warm distilled water and wash up liquid.

Place a coin in the water and use your thumb and index finger to rub the dirt off the coin.

Then, let it sit for a while to soak in the solution.

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Next, take a soft clean toothbrush and brush the coins one by one.

Do this while they are still in the solution, and keep brushing until the coins appear shiny.

Rinse the coins in clean water often to clear them of dirt and avoid scratches.

Don’t scrub too hard, just use the brush lightly.

When the coin is clean, give it one final rinse to get rid of the soap.

Place the coins on a clean towel to dry.

Gently pat the coins individually to make sure they are free of moisture.

If the sun is shining, leave them by a window to dry off.

Now they are clean, pop them in your purse or piggy bank ready to save or spend.

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