‘Hot’ doctor who was told shes too pretty reveals jaw-dropping glow-up

‘Hot’ doctor who was told shes too pretty reveals jaw-dropping glow-up


A doctor who was told she was too pretty to be working in medicine has shared her incredible "glow-up" in a video.

Las Vegas-based Dr Medina Culver, 33, has a 110,000-strong following on Instagram as fans swooned over her hot snaps.

But in one recent post, the certified family doctor revealed what she looked like when she was a teen.

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She wrote: "Sometimes you can be late to the party and life turns out pretty amazing."

During her high school days, she looked fresh-faced with reddish-brown hair and a centre parting.

"This is what I looked like at 16…" she wrote before the video cut to show a more recent look with blonde hair.

"And now at 33 without any surgery or fillers."

"No surgery on your nose…wow! It looks so much slimmer, aging beautifully!" a fan wrote.

Another commented: "No one could have seen that change coming… I am sure everyone who went to high school with you is shook.

"That is the most amazing transformation ever. You are the life of the party!"

Others also praised her for her look and agreed that having natural looks is "always better".

Dr Culver regularly shares updates to her fans on her personal growth and life journey.

Last month, she posted about her road to recovery from a divorce, saying: "I've learned to be happy with the woman I see in the mirror and learned I am good enough.

"I have healed from an eating disorder and have found happiness I didn't know existed.

"This is a reminder that you can do anything. A year from now, your whole life could change so keep fighting, and keep dreaming and keep being the amazing person you are!"


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