Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for October 12

Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for October 12


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You’re filled with energy, enthusiasm and inspiration. If you put just half of this to use in your everyday affairs, the only result can be pleasing progress. Where work comes into the picture, news received late in the day could give your career a boost.


It’s fair to say you are in for a challenging experience. After some delay, the prospect of finally getting started again will bring immense relief. Official advice will be that there are still going to be difficulties but you are just happy that you are seeing some movement.


You express your thoughts and feelings with ease. This will serve you well in tense situations. In addition to this you will have an astonishing ability to understand what other people are trying to say when they are having difficulty putting their thoughts into words.


Outside commitments will be postponed when you find yourself having to deal with a family matter. An expected visitor will arrive earlier or later than planned. A close friend or partner will have ideas beyond their pocket when it comes to evening entertainment plans. Suggest something less costly.


Small pleasures will go a long way towards making you feel more relaxed and less nervous. A journey could be in the offing and a few friends will invite themselves to join you. If you can’t get out, soak in an aromatherapy bath or order a takeaway. Don’t feel guilty about taking care of yourself.


A job that demands attention to detail will absorb your time and mental energy. You will be so focused on the one area that this could cause you to forget about plans already made. Someone will not believe your excuses even though you are describing the situation truthfully.


You’re too willing to tie yourself down and commit your time to other people’s plans. Once these get underway you might wish you hadn’t been so obliging. Pause before making commitments. You don’t have to follow the crowd. A touch of independence will serve you well.


The need to make changes in some areas of your life can feel overwhelming. Too much time spent alone will steer you towards over-analysing everything from relationships to finance. This might cause more confusion. Spend some time with an upbeat friend. Their company will lift your spirits.


Being able to sense what other people are thinking and feeling will help keep close relationships on an even keel. You won’t be too busy to make some time for those who need you. A partner or close friend will notice and appreciate your willingness to put their requests first.


Keep calm if the start of the day sees you having to handle another person’s affairs. It may be a workmate who is on sick leave or an older relative who cannot manage on their own but whatever the issue or the area, it will be your calm approach that resolves the problem.


It has taken a while for you to realise what has been going on in a close relationship. Someone you thought you could trust has not been honest with you. Initial upset and anger will swiftly subside once you decide on exactly how you are going to deal with this issue.


Officials are looking into how they can expand facilities further in order to avoid frustration and delays. You wonder why they weren’t more prepared for the problems now occurring. It was obvious disruption would be caused if issues that have caused problems in the past have not been addressed.

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