Holby City review with spoilers: Hanssen says goodbye, and Evan gets nastier

Holby City review with spoilers: Hanssen says goodbye, and Evan gets nastier


There was terror for Chloe (Amy Lennox) in tonight’s Holby City as Evil Evan (Jack Ryder) stepped up his intimidating campaign against her. He started by leaving photos of them with wedding-y captions like ‘To have and to hold’ and ‘For better or worse.’ Perhaps he genuinely thought these were romantic, but they were entirely creepy. Chloe met with him and told him the only way she wanted to communicate with him in future was via their solicitors. The next note she found was a picture of her sleeping – which may or may not have been taken when they were still living together but was horribly sinister either way because he’d written ‘Til death do us part’ on it.

She found this note on her car as she left work and as she got into the car Evan slid into the passenger seat. Chloe was understandably scared and he did that old Evan thing of acting like he was concerned about her because she was panicking, and his behaviour was threatening and nasty as he told her, ‘You are my wife, Chloe.’ She managed to summon the courage to tell him that she didn’t love him and never had, and he got out of the car and left. But he’s bound to be back.

Someone who may or may not be back is Henrik Hanssen (Guy Henry), as at the end of the episode he left Holby to go with his daughter-in-law Sara (Dana Smit) and grandson Oskar (Harry Weston) to Sweden. He’s built up a lovely bond with the little boy after initially being nervous that he wasn’t up to the task of looking after him, so the moment that Sara returned and he realised she wanted to take Oskar away was heartbreaking. It was also sad for Oskar who really loves his granddad. They played I Spy and Oskar chose F – for Farfar (granddad in Swedish).

Hanssen confided in Sacha (Bob Barrett) in a couple of beautifully-played, poignant scenes. ‘If only we didn’t have to choose – work life or home life,’ Sacha said. Later, Hanssen came to Keller where Essie (Kaye Wragg) and Sacha were celebrating Sacha carrying out a successful piece of surgery that’s going to mean a lot to the hospital. He seemed distracted and Essie was first to realise: ‘You’re going with them, aren’t you?’ she said. Sacha said the place would fall apart without Hanssen, to which Hanssen replied, ‘Nonsense, Mr Levy. It’s in very safe hands.’ So he’s gone, but doesn’t know for how long. We can only hope it won’t be too long, because the place doesn’t fall apart without him, but it never has quite the same moral compass.

Dominic (David Ames) is going to be sad when he finds out, because Hanssen has been quite a father figure to him at times. Dom had other things on his mind this week, though, as his and Lofty (Lee Mead)’s therapist Lily (Sarah Woodward) was a patient on AAU. Patient confidentiality lasted about as long as it took her to inhale a lungful of Entonox so it wasn’t long before Donna (Jaye Jacobs) found out Lofty and Dominic had been seeing Lily for counselling. Dominic told Donna that talking about himself had turned out to be ‘not so much fun.’ Who’d have guessed that? Luckily Lofty felt the same way about the therapy sessions so they’re going to stop. They’d possibly better keep Lily’s number handy for when it all blows up about the baby Lofty doesn’t know he’s having, though.

And it was the first day of the new regime on Darwin, with Kian (Ramin Karimloo) in charge and Jac (Rosie Marcel) just there to do surgery and go home on time. Jac’s easing into her new role as well as you might expect: ‘If you ever, ever, go near my desk again you’ll wish you’d never been born,’ she warned Kian after making him beg her to take over an operation that Chloe had been meant to do. His response was to put his feet up on the desk, trying her patience as hard as he could. Earlier on, Kian narrowly avoided being hit by a bird poo. ‘He had one job,’ Jac muttered about the bird.

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