Health benefits of getting more sleep as the clocks go back including glowy skin

Health benefits of getting more sleep as the clocks go back including glowy skin


With the clocks going back tomorrow morning, an extra hour’ssleep is in store tonight for Brits up and down the country. But while the thought of spending more time in bed may be enough to put a smile on our faces, it turns out that the health benefits of getting some additional shut eye are enough to sing and dance about, too.

And given thatnearly three quarters of UK adults don’t get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep a night, and with 14% getting less than five hours, it’s clear thathaving a good night’s sleep is more important than ever.

So, with the clocks going back, what are the benefits of getting an extra hour’s sleep and why should we all prioritise getting some rest?

You’ll look younger

While sleep may be something we need to do in order to stay energised and well rested, it’s also a time for our skin to get some much needed TLC.

“Studies have shown that people who get 7-9 hours sleep a night had skin that was more moisturised and better equipped to heal itself than those who slept for five hours or less,” leading cosmetic nurse and independent prescriber,Nina Prisk tells OK!.

What’s more, with sleep being a time where collagen is rebuilt, damage from factors such as ageing is repaired during this time.

“Getting more sleep when the clocks go back is undeniably going to aid the health of our skin, meaning it will help to rebuild collagen so that skin should feel plumper, firmer and look less wrinkled as a result,” she says.

It lowers your risk of unhealthy abdominal fat

According to research, people who lack sufficient sleep are at greater risk of developing unhealthy abdominal visceral fat and are more likely to have higher BMIs.

“Decreased sleep time is directly linked to increased body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage and visceral fat,” says Emily Servante, Certified Personal Trainer and Global Trainer Education Manager atUltimate Performance. “Research from theMayo Clinic shows that a lack of sufficient sleep can lead to an 11% increase in abdominal visceral fat.

“Another study compared dieters who slept eight hours, versus those who slept just 5.5 hours a night, over a 14-day period. The results showed those who were sleep deprived saw their weight loss efforts decrease by more than 50%.”

You’re less likely to have a heart attack

And when it comes to getting an extra hour of sleep,studies have indicated that people are less likely to experience cardiac arrests in the 24 hours that follow the change in timingscompared to in spring when the clocks go forward.

Drawing on the research, Charlie Morley, author of Wake Up to Sleep, says: “Fascinatingly, each year when the clocks go back for Daylight Saving and 1.6 billion people across 70 countries gain an extra hour in bed, there is a 21 percent decrease in heart attacks the next day.”

It can keep your emotions in check

There’s a reason why people say that they’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed after a bad night’s sleep – it turns out that not getting enough shut eye can really play with our emotions.

“Not sleeping enough can make us grumpy and more likely to overreact.

"A cross-sectional study revealed that students who didn’t sleep enough developed 'norm-breaking behaviour', like violence, drug misuse and stealing,” says Dr Claire Thomas, head of clinical content atEvergreen Life.

“Emotional changes were also seen, including anger, depression, and anxiety.”

It’ll help your brain stay healthy

We know that eating a balanced diet and regularly exercising can help to keep our bodies in tip top condition but how exactly can we keep our brains healthy? Well, it turns out that sleep is the answer.

“One study showed that the glymphatic system removes unwanted proteins and by-products of metabolism from the brain when you’re sleeping. During this time, nutrients can be transported to the brain,” says Dr Thomas. “Enabling the brain to perform at optimum capacity also provides protection against Alzheimer’s disease.”


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