Has Prince William Always Felt Responsible For Protecting the Royal Family?

Has Prince William Always Felt Responsible For Protecting the Royal Family?


The royal family is one of the most high-profile groups of people in the entire world, and there is no doubt that they experience difficulty regarding their popularity. After all, everything they say, do, and wear is closely scrutinized. Statements are often taken out of context, resulting in major scandals, and one simple wardrobe malfunction can make headlines. Add in the fact that royal family members, especially senior members — such as Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle — can’t so much as step out in public without photographers starting a flashbulb frenzy.

In most families, everyone looks out for each other, and this is true even for the royals. Usually, there is one person who feels that it is their duty to look out for everyone. So, has Prince William always felt responsible for protecting the royal family?

How royals need to behave

The royals are constantly being watched. They represent an entire country, so naturally, they must keep up a certain image. Everyone, from royal fans to news media reporters are always looking for a glimpse into their private lives, so the royals must be careful to protect their privacy. Even in interviews, lines of questioning can become uncomfortable or even inappropriate, and words must be chosen carefully.

Did a young Prince William feel that it was his duty to protect Princess Diana?


Prince William was only 15 when Princess Diana passed away. He spent his entire life watching her being constantly followed and photographed.

Princess Diana was adamant about having her two young sons experience a “normal” upbringing. She was well-known for having them volunteer to help those less fortunate. And although many people imagine the royals being served exotic dishes prepared by professional chefs, this was not always the case for Prince William and Prince Harry. Their mother wanted them to know what it was like to stand in line and purchase a fast food meal, just like the rest of us. 

Princess Diana was not a fan of being hassled by photographers. It was likely that Prince William knew this at the time, and he felt that it was up to him to protect her. In fact, at one time, he gave an interview where he said that he was “sad” that he wasn’t able to protect Princess Diana. He said that the late princess was a “bit naive” in dealing with the media. Constantly being chased by paparazzi ultimately cost Princess Diana her life, and to say that it was hard on Prince William is a huge understatement.

Does Prince William go out of his way to protect his brother, Prince Harry?


He most definitely does! The older prince understands all too well how it feels to constantly be in the spotlight, even more so since he is a future king. He is as supportive of his younger brother as possible, at one point, even stopping one of Prince Harry’s interviews because of the questions being asked. The media had leaked Prince Harry’s secret deployment and he was pulled out, as a result, something he wasn’t too happy about. He came close to a meltdown in an interview soon after, and Prince William came to his rescue.

Has Prince William always felt responsible for protecting the royal family?

It looks like he has. Prince William is a great son as well as a big brother. He understands that the pressures that his family members face on a daily basis can become quite overwhelming. This is why he goes out of his way to protect his family however he can.

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