Half term and school term dates for 2019-2020 – everything you need to know

Half term and school term dates for 2019-2020 – everything you need to know


The summer holidays are over and the kids have returned to school.

Uniforms, shoes and stationary have been purchased for another year of education.

But despite school only just beginning, many parents and teachers are already wondering when the school holidays will be this year.

Many will want to get their holidays booked before it gets too expensive.

Here is everything you need to know about the new academic year for 2019-2020.

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When is half term?

We are currently in the autumn term, and most UK schools will break up on October 25.

This is the first half term of the new academic year.

Most schools will return on Monday, November 4.

Then schools will remain open until the Christmas holidays.

This year Christmas Day is on a Wednesday, but schools will most likely break up on Friday, December 20.

School kids will usually get two weeks off, and return on Monday, January 6, 2020.

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Next up will be the February half term, which is due to start on the 14th.

Most pupils will return after a week off, on Monday, February 24.

Then schools will continue until the Easter holiday, which starts on Friday, April 3.

Easter holidays will last for two weeks, and many will return on Monday, April 20.

This will be a short term, as the next holiday will start from Friday, May 25.

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Summer term will begin on Monday, June 1, and will last until the end of the school year – which is Monday, July 20.

Keep in mind these dates are subject to change, and may vary between schools.

Some schools open later in the week after a half term.

Others may start or end the half terms a week later or earlier than others.

It is advised you check with your local council or school to make sure the details are correct.

You can check your child’s school term and holiday dates here .

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