Guys used to ask for my number as a joke – I think they may regret it now

Guys used to ask for my number as a joke – I think they may regret it now


One woman has admitted that guys used to ask her out 'as a joke'.

However, she said she's having the last laugh now, as people say she looks totally different.

Makeup artist Zeenah Faridi took to TikTok to post about her transformation on her @zeenahmua account.

She first shared a picture of herself when she was in secondary school and wrote over it: "Go ask for her number, it would be so funny."

Zeenah then revealed what she looks like now as she shared the Careless Whisper lyrics: "We could have been so good together."

Her transformation since leaving school stunned viewers, with some questioning whether it is in fact the same person.

One wrote: "Not the same person, I don't see one similar feature."

While another exclaimed: "That's two different people."

Other people couldn't believe her glow-up, as one asked: "How sis? Help a sister out."

Another pleaded: "I need a tutorial."

Seeing as some users didn't believe it was her, or thought that she may be using social media filters, Zeenah posted another video showing her glow-up without any make-up on.

Many were convinced at this point and gushed over how much of a natural beauty Zeenah is.

One told her: "BRO, how do I glow-up like this? Any tips?"

However, many others thought Zeenah looked pretty when she was younger as well.

Meanwhile another woman's transformation has shocked this week too.

Artist Jordan Bovee has dressed as a goth ever since she was a little girl but she recently transformed into a glamorous beauty queen – leaving people stunned over the new look.

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