Girlfriend snogs other blokes, Im not allowed out with pals or watch the news

Girlfriend snogs other blokes, Im not allowed out with pals or watch the news

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    My girlfriend keeps me on a tight leash. I can’t make a purchase or hatch a plan unless she says it’s okay.

    Every day we drive to work together from my flat, then I pick her up at 6pm on the dot.

    Going for a swift half with my colleagues is out of the question as she doesn’t like any of them.

    At home she cooks while I clean. I’ve given up watching the news because I’m not allowed to express an opinion.

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    Bedtime is OK. We still have sex most nights (completely on her terms, mind) then we go to sleep. All very predictable, all very normal – if a little dull.

    But at the weekend she’s a completely different animal. She insists we travel back to her hometown on Friday nights.

    We stay with her (appalling) best friend and she lets rip. In the bosom of her mates, she’s a nightmare. She drinks, dances and behaves like an entitled brat.

    She snogs other blokes in front of me and paints the town red. I’m forced to stand in the corners of revolting nightclubs while she has her best time. I’m only good for scraping her off the pavement and getting her back in one piece, which I deeply resent.

    When I complain, she screams at me for being boring and judgmental. I’m not. I don’t understand why I’m never allowed to see any of my friends (or even my family for that matter) yet she feels entitled to morph into another character.

    She knows I’m desperate to travel down to see my oldest mate who is having a farewell party ahead of his move to Australia. But she is putting every obstacle in my way as to why I can’t go. How is this fair?

    JANE SAYS: I’m guessing your girlfriend needs to live in your flat during the week. You facilitate her getting to and from her place of work where she earns a decent salary. Am I right?

    She barks her orders while you do her bidding. Yet at weekends with her “real” mates, she throws off her uptight persona and expects you to hang around for her protection and convenience.

    Why do you allow her to use and manipulate you like this? She’s selfish and entitled and she’s sucking the life out of you.

    If you want to attend your old mate’s leaving party, go. If you fancy leaving the car at home and going for a drink after work one evening, do it. Who is she to control you and push you around like a cheap battery-operated toy?

    You’re worth more than this and need to remember it.

    My feeling is that you’d be better off without her in your life – full stop.

    From pushing you around within your own home to behaving like a brat at weekends, you are done here.

    I suspect she won’t be quite so mouthy and demanding when she has to get herself to and from work and find a new place to crash.

    Perhaps that will sober her up.


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